Monday, April 7, 2014

Thrift Report: Color Me Happy

Happy Monday! Despite my best intentions, blogging is once again taking a back seat to work. Still, I thought I'd throw together a quick post on my thrify finds from the last week.

I picked up a quirky and colorful little collection of things at the Goodwill half-off sale this past weekend.

My faves are the super mod 1970s green arts and crafts book, and the rainbow colored, gold-framed LOVE needlepoint. 

Something about springtime, daffodils peeking through the soil, and lots of rain greening up the lawns makes me crave color. This funky little collection made me so happy.

Wishing you all a colorful and happy week! xoxo

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Thrift Report: Back in the Groove

Hello friends! I've been on a blog hiatus recently due to a huge writing project for work, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Last week was spring break on the campus where I work. Granted, as a staff member I don't actually get to observe the break, but at least it was quiet and peaceful in my office and I managed to get lots done!

On Friday, I rebelliously took the day off and hung out with my mom. We did some shopping and thrifting and lunching and all kinds of fun stuff, and I actually bought more inventory for the shop than I have in a long time. Here are some recent fave finds:

I happened to walk into a thrift just as a huge, mint condition collection of 1980s era Fiestaware was being unloaded. I snapped up the pieces above for the shop, as well as three turquoise dinner plates for my own personal collection. I use my mom's old 80s Fiestaware for my everyday dishes, but I've been short on dinner plates recently. Score!

I adore this cute little collection of vintage cabinet vases:

I've had two of them for a while, and just recently picked up the third. They're cute would they be as bud vases on a spring table?

And then there was this:

You guys know I have a vintage magazine rack problem. This is proof. that curlicue gold one makes me swoon.

And that's all I've had time to photograph, folks. Even though it's 20 degrees today, I can see my tulips popping up through the ground, so I know spring is on its way. And I always catch thrifting fever in spring, so that's something to look foward to!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and productive week!


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thrift Report: Just When You Least Expect It...

Hello friends!  I've been whining for a few weeks about not being able to do much thrifting due to the seemingly non-stop ice and snow, and when I have made a feeble attempt to visit my usual haunts, they're pretty much bare. Not the best time of year for the thrifts, obviously, and it's way too cold here for estate or tag sales. What's a vintage-loving girl to do?

Keep trying. Because just when you least expect it, you might uncover a goldmine!

On Saturday, during a rare few hours when the roads had thawed, I zipped to the post office and then on to a Goodwill across town that I hadn't visited in a while. The GW was a complete bust - not even worth the gas I burned to get there. I was heading home in a very sulky mood when suddenly, I spotted it: a grand opening banner for a brand spankin' new thrift shop!  I'm pretty sure I almost caused a pileup by swerving suddenly across three lanes into the parking lot.

This store is a Salvation Army "Family Store" and while the few that we have here are completely cruddy, this one was fantastic. As in, I almost needed two carts, people!

Here's what I found:

A gorgeous Readers Digest book; several fancy lattice edge milk glass plates; a huge set of oval Pyrex restaurantware plates with Greek key borders; and a Dansk lidded pot. And do you see the elephant head peeking in the corner?
...Oh yes, it's another elephant lamp! Plus a gold trimmed Culver bowl. 
...and a mid-century copper pot, a set of Georges Briard Icicle glasses, and a HUGE DeMott sailboat sculpture (it's 21" tall!)

  And guess what?  That's not even the best part! On my last loop around the store, I spotted something really interesting in a back corner. It was covered in dust and SO MANY cobwebs, but something about it called to me.

Cool, right? I was drawn in by the glam brass capped and studded feet and the rustic leather lacing around the ends. It looked like an antique footstool for a disco cowboy. I was super intrigued.
I brought it home and researched it a little and guess what? It's a CAMEL SADDLE!  Yep - as in, the thing you sit on when you ride a camel. Who would have EVER guessed?! 

It's really sturdy and perfect as a little footstool / conversation piece. And I am dying to know how it ended up in a cobwebby corner of a thrift store in central Indiana.

So there you have it. The moral of this week's story is that just when you're ready to give up, the thrifting gods will throw you a bone. And that you should keep your eyes open, even when you're tooling around parts of town that you've driven through a million times, because you never know what you'll spot. Oh, and that you really shouldn't swerve across three lanes of traffic on icy roads, Salvation Army store grand opening or not. :)

Wishing you all a successful week of thrifting!

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