Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thrift Report: Groundhogs Suck

Greetings friends!  I haven't done much vintage-hunting lately, what with the non-stop arctic blast, and the groundhog tells us it's not warming up any time soon. I've spent much more time on things like testing out ergonomic snow shovels, hauling giant bags of ice-melt, and comparison shopping for emergency heaters in case of power outages. I'm a regular pioneer these days. Also? When spring arrives, I've giving it a big, fat kiss. Just saying.

Anyway....I have picked up just a few interesting things lately. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but there's a pretty great Goodwill right next to my post office, so I rarely go an entire week without at least popping in, even when it's snowing and -10 degrees outside.

This 70s era metalwork wall hanging is one of those things that is so easy to overlook in a thrift store. This particular piece was all tangled up with a stack of old cookie sheets and a roasting rack. Yet on the wall, it's absolutely stunning! 

Some books just speak to me. I loved the 70s look and bright, kelly green of this cover. Plus I have always loved this story. Win-win!

I also picked up this vintage kitchen scale. It's has the absolute PERFECT amount of chippiness and wear, yet it's still in great (and working!) condition. It looks awesome in my white, 1940s kitchen, but I'm going to try to force myself to list it.  {The bowl in the photo is an early Nelson McCoy that my parents gave me for Christmas about 5 years ago.}

And that's about it from here. I can barely express how I long for warm weather and plentiful tag sales and flea markets, but this will have to do for now.  Wishing you all lots of successful thrifting this week!  

PS: Groundhogs don't really suck. I used to have one living under my deck, and he was the absolute cutest animal I've ever seen. If only they weren't always the bearers of bad-weather news!


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  1. very true!!!! And yes spring deserves a big kiss this year!!! I love everything but boy does that scale just rock friend! I mean the fact that it still works and is that cool looking....what a bonus!!! Hope that you have a wonderful week ahead!! Nicole xo

  2. Wishing you some good weather and plenty of vintage finds! Your scale is beautiful and the contrast with the green bowl is stunning. I am thinking you should keep it!

  3. The metal wall hanger and scale are great.
    I've never read the book but the dust over would catch your attention.
    Hope your weather improves really soon.

  4. Such wonderful finds, so love the metal wall hanging and found one at GW myself a couple years ago, cast off on the floor propped up by a broken bike. Gotta wonder about GW sometimes. The scale looks great with your wonderful bowl on top.

    Dang groundhog! My friend had one who used to nap on his lounge chair on the patio daily. :)

  5. Yup, I hear ya. At first I was all, "yeah, snow! It's so pretty." And now all I can think is "son of a b*tch, i just did that two days ago." Over it. Got stuff to do dangit.
    Anyway, the scale you found is super cute and I can totally see it being hard to list for you. I bet it goes fast though.

  6. Love the scale the most too! Perfect decor accent for ANY kitchen!

  7. Even though I live in the desert now I remember those long, cold, snowy winters so well. Hopefully Mr. Groundhog got it wrong this year! Love the scale (and your very artful styling with the oranges and bowl).

  8. Nice score on the Hemingway book! I've been searching for anything I can find by him in hardback (with no luck).

  9. The metal wall hanging is so pretty! Regarding your question about the quality of the Dansk reissued Kobenstyle line, I found that the pieces were lighter in weight compared to the vintage pieces which are really heavy and substantial. Also, I noticed that the iconic butter warmer is a tad smaller than its vintage counterpart. Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home!

  10. I FORBID YOU TO LIST THE SCALE!!!!!!!!!!! It's perfect with that bowl! YOU HAVE to keep it!!!!!!

    1. LOL - I just saw this. So far so's still sitting on my kitchen counter, pretending to blend in with the other appliances. ;)


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