Monday, January 6, 2014

Thrift Report: Snowpocalypse Edition

Greetings from the snowy, frigid Midwest! 

I just realized that I haven't blogged since December!  It's been a challenging few weeks, to say the least. Two rounds of stomach flu, Christmas, going back to work (briefly) and trying to catch up, and now a "major weather event!" 

Yesterday, we received about a foot of heavy, wet snow in one day. That was followed, last night and today, by crazy winds and wind chill temps of -45 degrees. (You read that right!)

The *first* of six times time I shoveled the porch.

I lived in Canada as a kid; I'm no stranger to a good blizzard. I remember in 1996, living in Washington D.C. and hiking three city blocks to a supermarket in waist-deep snow. I secretly don't hate blizzards...I usually find them kind of exciting.

About noon yesterday. It got MUCH worse by evening!

The problem this time was/is the potential of losing power. Over 70,000 homes in the city are currently without power, and for someone living in a "vintage" [read: poorly insulated] house with a furnace that depends on electricity, these kind of temps are no joke. I've been flinching every time I hear a tree branch groan. So far I've been lucky, but MANY of my neighbors have been without power or heat for almost 24 hours. I'm hoping luck stays in my favor as the day progresses!

All of my neighbors across the street lost power...

Thankfully the university where I work actually closed - which NEVER happens. The mayor issued a no travel order, though, so they kind of had no choice. :)  Which means I get to stay home today and catch up on crucial tasks like blogging!

With all the holiday and weather chaos, I haven't don't much thrifting lately, but I've had a few good scores since Christmas I wanted to share.

First, I couldn't have been more pleased with this set of eight near-mint Fred Press "Celestial" glasses with carrier!

This tiny little hand painted sugar and creamer set is so charming. They look a lot like Ken Edwards pieces but I can't find any attribution for them and they are only marked "Mexico," so I'm not sure. I am sure I love them, though!


A fabulous set of silver band goblets in amazing condition! They had so much tarnish that I truly  thought they were painted black around the rims at first glance.


Last but not least, I am in love with this 70s/80s era brass clock. I totally have a clock problem, I know, but I don't think I can part with this one -- plus it's not working. I may just have to display it prominently in my home until I *happen* to have time to drop it off at the clock repair shop in a neighboring town. I know - such a shame, right? ;)

And that's the latest report from Snowpocalypse 2014! I hope those of you in the path of this storm are staying warm, and those of you in milder climates are sending us warm thoughts.  Especially for this chunky monkey, who (despite the superfly winter sweater I bought him) has refused to go outside to do his "dog business" since yesterday morning! Sigh...



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  1. What a darling neighborhood! I'm thrilled that you got a snow day!!!!!!!!!! May your power remain ON! And the pup. Always love a pup!

  2. OH.....don't ever sell that gorgeous clock...I LOVE it!!! It's so strange to think of such intense cold conditions when we are sweltering in my state. It hit 117 Christmas week and north of the state last week it was 120 xxx

  3. The glasses with carrier - just a wonderful find!!

    I am sick of winter - it came too early this year and it's only Jan. 6!!!

  4. Love the Fred Press glasses! Amazing that they came with the carrier. The clock is fabulous but the most fabulous photograph of all is the one of your furbaby with his winter sweater.

  5. Heather, I hope you are doing well and that you were lucky to have your power working! I am sending you warm thoughts... Your finds are glorious, and I adore that clock! So very elegant!

  6. OMG, Your dog is so cute! How funny, mine loves the snow and can't wait to get out and make snow angels, lol. Love the celestial glasses, very cool. I can see why you have a clock problem, that one is really beautiful. Nothing worse than losing power, I'm crossing fingers that the "power gods" are kind to all of us!

  7. Look at him in his sweater! Oh my gosh, so cute. Jolene is resisting the outdoors too. (I have lived in Canada my entire life and I'm convinced I will never get used to snow!) Many people here lost power over Christmas but we were fortunate on my street. Here's hoping your power holds out and everybody stays safe and warm. :) Oh, and I love the sugar and creamer set!!


  8. Oh my goodness! Look at that snow. I hope you still have power! Stay warm! Love those glasses and carrier! So cool.

  9. We are cuddled up and homebound here too. Stay warm and fingers crossed the power stay on!!

  10. I work at a University in Indy too --- they were the LAST one to announce a Monday closure on Sunday evening at almost 9pm!

  11. Stay warm Heather, we're experiencing the frost here as well... Hopefully, everything will be sorted out for those who lost power. Love your finds!!!!! In love with the silver goblets, so classy! Happy New year dear! I'm kinda surprised your posts don't show up on my blogger page??? will just subscribe to yourRSS feeds so I don't miss out on your posts!

  12. Holy crazy snow! I hope you guys are thawing out. Love those celestial glasses!

  13. Oh my gosh I love those glasses with the carrier I'm jealous.
    And your dog with his sweater is so cute.

  14. I kind of like a blizzard, too. But -45 is not my favorite! Love the Mexico pieces whether they are Ken Edwards are not. And the clock is retro fun!


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