Monday, December 2, 2013

Thrift Report: A Little Bit of Orange

Hello, lovely friends! I hope everyone (those of you in the U.S., at least) had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving!  It was a little bit hectic for me, but enjoyable nonetheless.

No time for a long post today, but I thought I'd share a couple of favorite finds from the last couple of weeks.

This set of Cera rocks glasses are in great condition!

My favorite recent find, though, has to be this set of two old nesting trays:


The gorgeous Asian images combined with the old, cracking paint is just beautiful. The former owner attached hangers to the backs to use them as wall art -- not a bad idea!

I usually don't go much for burnt orange, but I was really drawn to these two finds!

How about you? Did you uncover any vintage treasures recently? 

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  1. I love orange and I would be all over those gorgeous trays!!! They are amazing! Glad you had a good break!!!

  2. Beautiful trays! I love orange and oriental theme decor items. Great finds Heather.

  3. The orange on those glasses is gorgeous. The trays are very nice as well. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Great finds, as usual!

    I have been on a thrifting ban, as my stockpile is at an all time high!

  5. Hmm, I did buy a few little goodies over the weekend! I picked up a cute brass lotus blossom candle holder - one of my favorite finds lately!!

  6. Those trays would be super pretty as wall decor in the right house. Great finds!
    I hope things get less hectic for you!

  7. Nice finds the glasses look good and solid.
    I like a heavier glass.

  8. Love those trays! Also great how your finds are color coordinated this week. :)

  9. Both scores are glorious, I say. Orange is my favorite color :) Rarely encounter its beauty in the wild.

  10. Love the orange on those trays! And i totally agree with the previous owner, hang those beauties up.

  11. love the trays! Yes I did, it' on my blog today, check it out if you have the time, don't know exactly what i'ts for? It's a map, but done on linen. :-)

  12. I actually really like orange! Those glasses are lovely. :)

  13. The orange on the glasses is just beautiful! If I ever visit you would you serve my drink in one of those? Great finds!


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