Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Q&A

I'm sorry I've been MIA since my living room makeover reveal last Thursday. Here's the abbreviated version of my week:

  • WiFi at the house went out. Had to post my ORC reveal from a McDonald's parking lot on the way to the airport (yay free McD's WiFi!).
  • Spent nine hours getting to Corpus Christi for a work conference. Long story short, our airplane was "broken," the pilot wanted to fly anyway, and the FAA said "no!" Got to know the Dallas airport really well.
  • Got to Corpus Christi -- brief high point when I saw the view from my hotel room:

  • Small breakdown when I realized that the WiFi in my room only worked when standing in the bathtub with my laptop held over my head.
  • Had a run-in with organized crime. (Not joking.)
  • Flew home and immediately came down with a nasty cold virus.
  • Cable man spent five hours trying to fix broken WiFi. It sort-of works now, in one room.
Let's just say it wasn't my best week!

The bright spot in all of this was coming home and reading all the sweet comments and messages about my living room makeover. Thank you!

And then yesterday, Linda from Calling it Home (of One Room Challenge fame!) tagged me in one of those "7 Things About Me" posts that have been going around -- thanks Linda! -- so I though that would be a nice way to delve back into blogging after my weeklong absence. So, without further ado...

 7 Things About Me!
1. Why do you blog?
I started this blog back in 2011 as a way to promote my Etsy shop. I've never been a super regular blogger (obvs.!), but I still find it to be a fun creative outlet. More importantly, though, I've "met" a lot of fellow thrifters, vintage and design lovers through blogging. To be honest, it's meeting those fabulous people that keeps me going.
2. Top 3 favorite books.
Oy. What a hard to choose, but I'll give it a shot!
1. A Moveable Feast/The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.
I read both of these when I was very young, and they probably affected me more than any other books, ever. I can't choose between them - they go hand in hand for me.
2. Nadja by André Breton.
Another defining book for me -  it shaped my world views and definition of love. In my 20s I was obsessed with Dada and Surrealism. I also wore a lot of black, went to a lot of poetry readings, and smoked a lot of cigarettes.
Nadja livre de poche.jpg
3. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon.
This book came along at just the right time in my life. It reintroduced me to the joys of literature and reading after a long period of creative burnout. Chabon is, in my opinion, one of our best living American writers.
3. What is your daily uniform?
I don't really have a consistent daily uniform, but I do have a "shoe-niform."  I neeeeever wear shoes! From November through April it's boots; from May through October it's sandals. (Is that weird?!)

4. Cook from scratch or ready-made?
My friends and family are laughing at this question. I can make fancy cakes and pastries with 40 ingredients, but I cannot scramble an egg. The last time I tried to saute chicken (ca. 2002), oil exploded all over my kitchen and I had to repaint. Making spaghetti and sauce from a jar is mentally exhausting. Lean Cuisine is my friend and constant companion.
My little brother is a chef; I blame him for soaking up all the cooking genes.
5. Favorite purchase of 2013?
Once again, a hard question! I blog endlessly about stuff I buy, so it's hard to choose. My blue velvet Craiglist chair; my thrifted bar cart; my giant brass peacock? 
Honestly, my best purchase of the year was probably my storm door. I know - boring, right? But it's a special security door, made to look like a regular glass storm door. It has unbreakable glass, a super tough steel frame, and a really secure locking system. It makes me feel like I'm living in a fortress! I installed it on my back door a couple months ago, and I love it so much I'm getting one for my front door, too. If you have ANY concerns about security, or live in Murderville USA like me, I highly recommend this door!
6. Dream career?
In my dream world, I own a bricks-and-mortar vintage and home decor shop in a picturesque city that looks just like the cozy bookstore in "You've Got Mail," except it's full of home stuff instead of books. Or I do full-time volunteer animal rescue work. Or both. :) 
7. Red or white?
I have such an aversion to red! It may be because it clashes with my coloring, or because I'm naturally drawn to cool tones, but I almost never choose red for anything. A few of my favorite white spaces and places:
Thanks for reading! Happy weekend, all, and here's hoping for a less eventful week-to-come! 



  1. Hi Heather, sorry your week was so hectic. My Buster is a rescue and he definitely changed my life. That security door looks serious. I hope you are joking about how dangerous your hood is. Have a relaxing weekend. By the way, I forgot to mention it, you can tag more people with 7 questions. I'm not great with directions.

    1. Thanks Linda! Rescues are the best. :) My neighborhood isn't particularly dangerous, but Indianapolis as a whole has experienced a crazy violent crime wave recently - disturbing! I think it's making me paranoid. :) Hope you have a relaxing weekend, too!

  2. I am with you sister, sandals all the way. Sorry for the sucky week. I hope you are able to rest and relax this weekend!

  3. WOW...I feel I know you so much more now! I really identify with Q 6 & 7. I LOVE the shop in You've got Mail and would love a vintage shop. xx

  4. Holy crap on a cracker, what a crazy week! Don't be mad at me if the mental image of you standing in your hotel room shower with your laptop over your head made me giggle. : )

  5. Sorry you had such a rough week! Organized crime!?!? Goodness lady!! So loved learning all of these wonderful things about you!!! And so digging your reads!!! And I too went through my poetry days!!! Here is to a great new week ahead!!!!

  6. My answer to number 6 would be almost exactly the same except i would also be a genius gardener and have a fabulous green house next to my little store :) And, wtf, organized crime?????? hope you're ok!

  7. So sorry about your week Heather. Let's hope that this one is better, much better! Your room makeover is fantastic! Somehow I missed your post last week. What a wonderful room, everything works together beautifully.
    I volunteer at the animal shelter and we have a rescue as well. She is great!

  8. Loved reading about you Heather. Hope this week is full of peace and calm!

    1. Thanks JoJo. Same to you - you're overdue for some peace and quiet!


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