Monday, October 14, 2013

Thrift Report: Mish Mash

My finds this week were a bit eclectic! 

A large brass, wood and marble decorative scale...


A cute little gold toned napkin holder with the most adorable, Art Deco shape...

and speaking of Deco: this large Hall's pitcher in perfect condition....

And a  super fun set of pilsners in a  great pink, black and gold atomic pattern.

A little "all over the place," but I was really happy with it all!

How about you? Did you find any vintage treasures this week?

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  1. Love the brass! And those glasses are pretty amazing as well :)

  2. Such great finds! I totally love that scale and those atomic glasses are some of the best I've ever seen!

  3. Fab finds Heather...the pitcher is really gorgeous xx

  4. The atomic pattern glasses and the napkin holder are great.

  5. Those glasses are AWESOME! and the brass is always so pretty. I thought of you today because my thrift store had several beautiful brass items. I wish they didn't price them as if they were made out of gold though.

  6. Hi, the pilsner / parfait glasses are the Seville line by Libbey. I've got a set of eight NIB that I picked up from a local antique mall.

  7. Great glasses, such a cool mod pattern.

  8. I just love everything that you picked up this week...pretty jealous of the glasses!! ;)

  9. Wild glasses - never seen that pattern before!


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