Monday, October 7, 2013

Thrift Report: A Little Lustre

Hello friends! I did lots of thrifting this weekend, since I "accidentally" stumbled upon the 50% off Goodwill sale. I usually avoid this sale at all costs (it's pure thrifting insanity!), but I may or may not have been tempted to stop by a local GW to check and see if my brass table was still there. (It was...ahem...long gone.)

Anyway, I did manage to get sucked into the vortex of 50% off thrifting and emerged with a ton of stuff. Most of it is still unphotographed, but I wanted to share a few favorite pieces today.

I rarely find Japanese Lustreware when thrifting -- it's so delicate that I don't think much of it survives the thrift store jungle -- but I found several pieces on Saturday. I'm guessing someone offloaded a collection (?).

How pretty is this little pitcher? I love the irridescent green trim, especially with the black outline. It would look fabulous with my jadeite dishes. (Must not keep! Must not keep!)

This serving bowl is so pretty, too. It's very delicate. Again -- it's hard to capture the irridescent quality of lustreware in photos sometimes, but it's so gorgeous in person!

Finally, these teacups and saucers just blew me away!


I love the super deco, geometric design.


The cups are so thin you can see through them. I definitely held my breath when the cashier was wrapping them up!

That's all for today...check back on Thursday to see my epic weekend Craigslist score for the living room!


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  1. The teacups and saucers are amazing! Nice find!! I am excited to see this epic CL score!

    1. Thanks Myssie! I never find ANYTHING on CL, so I was pretty excited!

  2. The pitcher is very lovely, I love the colors, the design, and its shape. Beautiful

  3. You must keep the pitcher! Must keep. Must keep!

  4. Beautiful items! Can't wait to see what else you scored! :)


  5. That pitcher. I'm on the keep side even though you are chanting that you can't! LOVE IT!

  6. Bring on your craigslist score! I can not wait to see it!!! Super finds here lady...sorry your cool table was long will find another one!!! Just love that pitcher! Happy week to you!!!!

  7. Very nice finds! For some reason our Goodwill store does not have such good stuff that I keep seeing others finding.

  8. A Craigslist score? I need to see it now! I am speculating all kinds of awesome... must be patient.
    Lovely lustreware finds. I have NEVER seen it in our thrifts, so sad.

  9. Oh they're all so pretty, but my fave has to be that bowl in the second photo. Really gorgeous. I have yet to try Craigslist but I know a lot of folks have luck there. Thanks so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link-Up today. Hope to see you there again! --Dawn @ We Call It

  10. That pitcher is lovely it looks like a fresh Spring day.

  11. The saucers! They are stunning. I'd have scooped those up in a heartbeat, too. I'm a sucker for cups, though...

  12. How in the world did those delicate teacups and saucers manage to survive the years plus a trip through the back room at Goodwill? They are beautiful!


  13. Everything looks so nice and shiny - my Mom had some of those pieces....

  14. Those cups are amazing. I can't believe something so old safely lasted so long!

  15. Great finds! I absolutely love those cups and saucers!

  16. It's a miracle all those delicate pieces survived the sale! Great finds!


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