Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week Three

Greetings friends! It's already the half-way point of the six week One Room Challenge! To recap, I am attempting to follow along with Linda at Calling it Home and her posse of super talented bloggers and make over a complete room in six weeks. Catch up from the beginning here.

So I'm just going to be honest and tell you that this week's progress was minimal. I did manage to update my drapes with some orange trim, which gives them a great punch of color. I actually just cut loooooong strips of fabric and fabric-glued them to the existing panels -- easy peasy. The hardest part was ironing the darn panels, which got all bunched up and wrinkly as I was working with them.


Otherwise, I got completely sidetracked with lighting issues. Or should I say, lighting fantasies.

Initially I didn't plan to replace the overhead fixture in this room as part of this makeover. I don't hate it entirely, and my budget is miniscule-to-nonexistant for this round, so lighting was off the table. But then I spotted a pretty vintage tole chandelier on Pinterest and I was suddenly plunged into lighting fantasy land. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, scouring my old Pinterest boards and stalking blogs for lighting options. I was obsessed.

This room is difficult, though. (I know; I keep saying that!)  It's so small, and the ceilings are only 8 ft.  Yet it's an old house, and I want my next fixture to be true to the home's era. So difficult - I can't have anything that hangs down very far, and nothing too new, too wide, too trendy, or too expensive! Here are some options I considered:

From Shades of Light, $195. I think it's a little too...MUCH for this room.
Totally love it, though!

This is the light that started my obsession, via eBay. It was too expensive,
though, and too hangy-downy. I'm pretty sure people would hit their heads
walking through the room.


I'm intrigued by this Eva Ceiling Mount from Ballard - very vintagey - but i'm not sure
how I feel about that bare bulb dangling from the middle.


And this Urban Outfitters shade is a long-time fave, and a bargain
(on sale right now for $49!). I think it would look great, but I really feel
like investing in something vintage, something that might have been in the house originally.
Speaking of what was in the house originally, have I shared with you the light fixture that was in the house when I bought it? Here's what the former owners installed after ripping out whatever the original light fixture was and painting the room baby blue:

Yes, friends, that's my living room before I moved in, complete with flying-saucer LED light fixture. It was literally the FIRST thing I changed when I took possession.
Anyhow, I'm not sure where things will end up on the lighting front. I have resolved to take my time and find a chandelier/fixture that I'll be permanently happy with - something that could have been original to the home. I'm stalking a couple promising lights on eBay currently, like this small-scale stunner:
But if that doesn't work out, or the price goes too high, I'm just going to take my time and hold off until I find the right piece. So...we'll see!
I hope everyone's having a lovely fall week. Be sure to stop by Calling it Home to check out all the other bloggers and linky participants who are taking part in their own One Room Challenges!


  1. Hey you!!! Ok the drapes are outstanding! I have always wanted to do this but wasn't sure what way to go with the trim....a strip of fabric...BRILLIANT!!! They are perfect and so is your lighting inspiration! I have several favorites up there! Keep it coming!!!

  2. Oh wow, those lights are gorgeous! I need one for my entry, and this is NOT helping me stay focused on my bedroom! I used that UO pendant for my bathroom in the last challenge, but gave it a little hack. :)

  3. Ugh, lighting is so hard. I love that fixture from Ballard. I have a true vintage one and LOVE it.

  4. Love the trim on the drapes!! Good luck finding a "vintagey" (great word) chandelier...your options so far are gorgeous! Can't get over the UFO piece...gotta love the 80's.

  5. Love the drapes. I have been lucky with lighting on CL. Stick to your budget, and wait for the best fit. I can only imagine the amazing fixtures that your sellers tore out to replace them with that thing.

  6. I love the trim you added to the curtains. I have a few light fixtures you may be interested in seeing in my personal stash. Flush mounts. One is a crystal basket and the other is lucite. Email me if you want to see them.

  7. Your drapes look so pretty. Selecting lighting can be so difficult, especially when ceilings are low. I finally ordered a new fixture for my office this week. Hope I like it when it's up! Love that ebay chandelier!

  8. Wow I love alllll of that lighting!! I bought almost an identical vintage tole lamp for my bedroom off of etsy and I love it! Can't wait to see what you pick!

  9. Great interior design/decorating. If you even need any vintage lighting/shades, check out my blog as I get hold of lots ;)

  10. Your curtains look fantastic! I am loving the first one the most, although the one from Urban outfitters is pretty cool too! good luck with your choices!

  11. The drapes look fab! I hate the ironing conundrum...
    And the Ballard Light is divine but I probably would hate that bulb sticking out, too.

  12. That last one is beautiful! Lighting is always so hard. I rushed my last light decision and ended up with an expensive not so fabulous light. Plus, it was really difficult for my electrician brother to install. They both laughed when I said I wanted something different.
    And the drapes look great! Stupid ironing... I HATE ironing!


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