Friday, September 27, 2013

What I Left Behind

So it's pretty clear I love to thrift for anything vintage -- both for myself and for the shop.  What I rarely share, though, is how much stuff I'm tempted to buy but end up leaving behind.

I know you're incredulous, seeing as I share GOBS of stuff each week that I've purchased. It's probably hard to believe that I ever pass anything up. But really, I do. Sometimes I show heroic restraint - I swear. :)

Today, I thought I'd share a few things that I've managed to resist in my thifting over the last few weeks. I'm hoping that photographing these things and sharing them with you will somehow make me feel better and second-guess myself less. (That'll totally work, right?)

Yesterday, I spotted this bamboo and rattan chair at Goodwill. I actually spotted it from the parking lot, if I'm being honest. I full intended to buy it. I loved the way the lattice pattern of the bamboo extends all the way to the floor on the sides.

It was a nice, heavy, sturdy chair. Imagine it spray-lacquered with something cool -- black, or maybe emerald green -- with a new cushion, of course. And I'm actually looking for a chair for my living room. It's not quite what I had in mind, but still...

In the end, I was deterred mostly by the price. $40 is not expensive for a chair, but it's pricey for a Goodwill chair. Especially when it needs a complete overhaul and new cushions. Plus, I have waaaay too many unfinished projects in my house already. So, sadly, I left it behind.

Speaking of chairs, here's another cool one that I was tempted to purchase a week or so ago.

It was in a local junk store and immediately caught my eye. What makes it, of course, is that tiger print seat. That's silk velvet, folks. Just stunning in person.  It was $125, but I know I could have negotiated it down. Really a statement piece, right?

In the end, I passed it up because I can't really have tiger print upholstery in my living room along with my leopard print rug. We'd be talking major Vegas-level tacky. As beautiful as it is, it just isn't right for me. Sigh....

Finally, check out this amazing table I spotted in the same Goodwill as the bamboo chair:

I made that rare gasping sound that means you've found something amazing and you're willing to tackle anyone who gets to it before you do -- my fellow thrifters know what I mean.  It was seriously love at first sight.  Heavy, unlaquered brass with just the perfect amount of golden patina. A classic shape. It's really perfect. PERFECT. And only $15!

Why oh why did I leave this piece behind, you might ask? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. I really don't need it. Yes, I still haven't decided on a second end table for my new living room, but I fear I'm approaching brass overload in that space. And I truly don't have room for one. more. table. in the rest of my house. I'm on occasional table overload right now. But still....

Maybe I need to go back tonight, just to visit it.....

How about you? Do you allow yourself to bring home all of the vintage treasures you come across while thrifting? Anything you've left behind that you still regret?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Thrift Report: First Finds of Fall

Sorry about the title...I was in the mood for a little bit of corny alliteration. :)

This week, I went to some thrifts that I haven't been to in quite a while, which is always a great way to bust out of a thrifting rut and find some unexpected treasures.

How cool is this tiny little pewter coffee pot?

I adore the little Chinoiserie-style feet, but the tiny brass foo dog finial was definitely the kicker.

I also picked up this beautiful Haviland platter:


It's so delicate and lovely in person. It has some issues -- namely one large but shallow chip -- so I may just keep it. I certainly couldn't leave it behind, right?

Then we had all kinds of vintage Blanc de Chine goodness...

Some Art Deco frolicking gazelles...


And, be still my heart...

A set of EIGHT near-mint Georges Briard rocks glasses in the rare Europa pattern.

All in all, I was pretty darn pleased with myself. Not that I really NEED more inventory right now, but the thrill of the hunt is just too much to resist sometimes.

Did you find any vintage treasures this week?

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Thrift Report

I've been fairly good about not thrifting too much lately -- or at least, trying to be very discriminating in what I buy -- but this weekend I just went a little crazy. I think it was thrifting withdrawal, to be honest. I bought a ton of stuff. A TON.  Some of it is still in the car, in fact.  Here are a few highlights:

I have always loved this glassware pattern but never found them in the wild until now. This is the Madeira pattern by Tiffin's Franciscan line, ca. 1960s-70s. The color is "cornsilk" - the most beautiful, citrusy yellow. They may be the heaviest goblets I've ever encountered - even for lead crystal. The set weighs five pounds!


This cocktail pitcher isn't he most exciting find in the world, but it's a bit of a mystery. The gold designs look very Georges Briard-like, but the pitcher is marked "PAVL" in the tinest letters possible. In fact, I'm not entirely sure PAVL is correct -- could be PAUL or DAVE or who-knows-what. But after staring at it under a magnifying glass, I think it's PAVL. Anyone have any info? Mysteries like this have the potential to drive me crazy. :)


I mainly bought this vintage brass letter (or napkin?) holder for the feet. I love the little gargoyle-esque clawed toes. Apropos to share as we approach Halloween season, right?


I just love these crazy Baroque-looking brass switch plate covers. I have so far resisted installing  them in my own home, but I can't promise anything.


You guys know how much I love a humongous brass animal! (Hello, life-sized brass peocock who is still taking up way too much space in my bedroom: I'm talkin' to you!)  I was excited to pick up this giant brass elephant for a great price. The question: to polish, or not to polish? It has loads of patina and tarnish. Usually I'm very decisive about these things, but I can't decide on this one. Or maybe I'm just being lazy (?).

And now for my favorite find of the week:


A set of two 60's-era abstract bamboo art pieces!  They're just soooo cool in person. They're a nice size (13" x 10") and they have built-in hangers on the back, but also cool built-in stands:


It was love at first sight as I snatched them off the "just arrived" cart at a nearby Goodwill over the weekend.

That's unfortunately all I have time to share today - more to come soon!. I hope everyone else had a productive week with lots of cool vintage/thrifted treasures!


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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thrift Report: Labor Day Weekend

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!  It's supposed to be summer's last hurrah, but here it felt like the dog days, with temps soaring and insane humidity.

I didn't do much ~ just caught up on some stuff that had piled up during my crazy summer, hung out with the fam, and [duh] did a little bit of thrifting. Just a little, though!

Here's a quick roundup of my finds:

I picked up all of this in just two thrift stores. My favorites are the wood-and-tin Chinoiserie wall panel and the sweet little ceramic aqua blue Cronin skillet. The depression glass cake plate is going to my mom, and I'm going to resist the urge (somehow) to keep that brass ginger jar.

The Dansk candle holder was a nice find, too. I scoured every nook and cranny in that thrift trying to find its mate, but apparently there was only one.

Did you do any thrifting this weekend?  Our thrifts were absolutely PACKED, but I think that might have had more to do with the heat and everyone trying to find a cool place to hang out.

Wishing you all a happy (and short!) week!


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