Monday, July 8, 2013

Thrift Report: Post-Vacation Edition

Hi all!  My week of "staycation" is over and it's back to reality. I spent the week working on my never-ending living room revamp, visiting with family, watching a few fireworks over the lake (in between thunder showers), and -- of course -- doing loads of thrifting!

Here are a few fun finds from last week:

I picked up these bowls because I was certain they were Midwinter. As usual, the thrift store covered the markings with price stickers, but I felt pretty confident.

They are totally not Midwinter. They are "Hearthside Buffet Ware/Japan."  Dead ringers, though.

At the same thrift, I picked up this Ernest Sohn cheese board. 

Clearly I was in a "mid-century circle" kind of mood that day. I love the fat, tarnished brass rivets on this piece.

I also picked up this fabulous brass dragon candelabra:

It's huge and gorgeous and weighs a ton. I've also accidentally stabbed myself with it a few times.

That last candle cup is missing, but it was as steal so I bought it anyway. I'm thinking of unscrewing the candle cup on the far right to make it more symmetrical...thoughts?

Years ago, when I started collecting pottery, I hated Stangl. Now, I love it. Especially the pieces with gold glazes like this "Granada" line dish.

And finally, a little more circular Danish modern goodness in the form of some teak Hellerware coasters.

I picked up many other things that I'll share in upcoming posts, but this is what I've managed to prep and photograph so far. Did you do any thrifting or vintage hunting last week?

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Thrift Report: Summertime Glassware

Hi friends!  I'm pretty excited that 4th of July week is here. My job is incredibly intense in the summer, and this is one of the few weeks when I'm able to take a break.

In honor of this week of blissful warm weather goodness, I thought I'd share some summery vintage glassware that I've picked up over the last few months. All of it will be heading to the shop soon!

These are so fun...a set of seven frosted Tom Collins glasses with a mod red and aqua design.

 I've had glasses like these in my shop before, but these are special because they are HUGE! Big Gulp sized.

I think this little set of peach lustre rocks glasses is so pretty. Perfect for a more sophisticated summer bar cart.

Here's another fun set: eight little lowball (almost roly-poly shaped) glasses in a mod white and teal design. They go well with a little teal and gold cocktail pitcher I picked up a while back and stashed away.

And finally...

I adore these "sun tea" tumblers! I love the retro punch of the red graphics and the slightly tapered shape. I actually have a set of twelve that I bought in mint condition from a local consignment shop, but I'll probably sell them as two sets of six. Because, well...does anyone really NEED twelve sun tea glasses?  I would guess not, but you never know! ;)

That's it for today! Wishing all my US readers a safe, festive holiday!


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