Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Report: Just One Thing. No, Really.

Hello friends. 

Yes, the title is true. I actually walked out of a thrift store this weekend with just one item. I'm pretty sure this has never happened before -- at least not since I opened my shop and gave myself permission to bring home anything fabulous and vintage that my heart desired. I'm not gonna lie; I was proud of myself.  I didn't even need a shopping bag! 

My lucky find was an old brass coat rack with...that's right...a faux bamboo shape!  My two favorite things: faux bamboo and brass, all in one handy package.

I walked by this beauty twice before I really absorbed what I was looking at. I think I decided to ignore it at first because it's too big to ship affordably, so I couldn't sell it in my shop. This happens sometimes: I forget I can actually buy things in thrift stores for myself.  Then I came to my senses, noted the $7.99 price tag, and swooped it up!

My front door opens directly into my living room and I have no coat closet, so I don't know why it didn't dawn on me before to get a coat rack. I guess I just hadn't found one with the right vintage glam vibe until this one. ;)  I sure hope there's a good spot for it when I'm done with my seemingly-neverending living room redo!

How about you? Any lucky thrift finds this week?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Horsing Around

You probably know that horse-head bookends (and lamps, and figurines...) are making a comeback. They have that vintage-inspired, Hollywood Regency vibe and that fits into most decor styles beautifully.

Even so....


Apparently I've become a crazy horse-head bookend hoarder and didn't even realize it!

Seriously folks, I'm pretty sure my shop can meet all of your horse-head bookend needs.

It's a regular rodeo around here.


By the way, the orange set in the photos above is the damaged set from this post. I finally decided to give them a coat of spray enamel in a deep orange color, to add a pop of color to my new [STILL in-progress] living room, and I love how they turned out! What do you think?

Hope you're all having a lovely summer week!


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Monday, June 17, 2013

Thrift Report

Happy Monday, friends!  I didn't do a ton of thrifting this week, but I did have a couple of really good finds that I wanted to share.

First, this huge, gorgeous brass tray:

This is the second enormous brass tray I've acquired in the last month. My mom found another one recently, which is even bigger and heavier, but I haven't been able to list it in the shop because I can't find a box big enough to ship it! ;)  My mom's version was definitely meant to be a table top, but I'm not sure about the one above. It's very similar to the tray tables I've seen, but it also has a built-in hook on the back, so it may have been meant as a wall hanging all along. Either way, I LOVE it!

I'm really drawn to the Moroccan-themed design -- so on trend right now.

Then, switching gears completely, I found this huge set of Cathay by Taylorstone dinnerware.

I normally avoid dinnerware (hard to pack and ship!) but I have always been fond of this atomic-era pattern, and there was so much of it available that I was able to assemble a fairly large set with chip- and crack-free pieces.

Are you a fan of this super retro pattern?

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Thrift Report: Old National Road Sale

As promised, friends, a full report on my EPIC thrifting trip of two weeks ago!  Last year, I stumbled upon the wonder that is the Historic Old National Road Yard Sale  -  and it was sincerely one of the most fun day trips I've ever taken. This annual sale, now in its tenth year, stretches from St. Louis to Baltimore, and the heart of the action is right smack dab along the Indiana/Ohio corridor known as "Antique Alley." There are literally hundreds of yard sales, sidewalk sales, antiques dealers in tents, farm stands, and lots of old-timey charm along this very vintage stretch of country highway.

This year, my mom and I decided to make an overnighter of it. We had grand plans to leave on Friday, drive all the way into Ohio, spend the night, and work our way back slowly over the weekend.  Sadly, our plans were partially foiled by atrocious weather.  On Friday morning we set out in rain, heavy dark clouds overhead. At first the yard sales were few and far between or closed down and wrapped in tarps to keep the merchandise dry. We finally hit a good stretch of sales (and a patch of dry weather) about an hour into the trip, but shortly thereafter we were treated to a monsoon-like deluge. On the recommendation of a local, we took refuge at the Flamingo Diner (just like it sounds ;) and waited out the storm.

Thankfully, once we got going again, things cleared up and the sales started to appear.

Like last year, there was good and bad. Some obvious dealers with vintage items priced at full retail, but also lots of small, cluttery sales with vintage and modern and pure "junk" mixed in, all at great prices.

A Pyrex collector's paradise

Mid-century barber chairs, anyone?

This dealer turned everything upside-down so his kitchenware wouldn't fill with rain!

We worked our way all the way to the Ohio border before finding a hotel for the night. That evening, we ventured out to a Goodwill we had spotted in the town where we were staying and made some great scores, then returned to the hotel, only to lie awake all night monitoring threatening tornadic storms that were heading our way from Oklahoma City. (Gotta love the Midwest!)

The next day, we meandered our way back home, and although the weather wasn't much better, we didn't run into anything severe and hit some really fruitful sales.

All in all, it was still a FANTASTIC weekend,  a memorable adventure, and a great buying trip all rolled into one. Although the sales weren't as prolific as last year due to the rain, we still managed to fill our SUV to the brim (and then some)!

We spread everything out on my mom's dining table when we got home, to inspect and divide it all. My mom got some amazing milk glass pieces for next to nothing, which are perfect for her Etsy shop Trellis Weddingware:

I hit the jackpot with loads of vintage glassware and brass pieces, as well as some other fun odds and ends:

Here are a few of my favorite Highway 40 finds:

A plethora of fabulous glassware...

A cool set of vintage brass bar tools with marble-based caddy. You'd weep if I told you how little I paid for these! ;)

This Art Deco amber glass vanity set is so pretty in person! I love the ring holder and all the triangular pieces.

A veritable zoo of gold animals...

I was soooo excited to pick up this vintage aqua fan for just a few dollars. It even works!

And the piece de resistance...

A set of four mint-condition Shoji glasses!  You may remember my ongoing obsession with this glassware...I paid $20 for all four, which (believe it or not) is a bargain for this pattern, especially in this condition.

Thanks for bearing with me through all these photos. I guess I needed an "epic" post to describe my epic thrifting trip!  How about you: have you ever tackled one of those "endless yardsale" experiences? 

Happy thrifting, all!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thrift Report: Seventies Stylin'

Hi all!  Sorry I'm so late in posting this week.  I went on my epic thrifting trip last weekend, but I bought so much that I haven't had time to clean or photograph anything, so I'll be back next week with a full report on my finds.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share this gem of a book I picked up at Goodwill six months or so ago:

It's a 1970s decorating book, and WOW does it have some cool images!  What struck me most in paging through it, though, is how much design trends come full circle. Some of those images look like they could have been pulled directly from the modern pages Domino or Lonny!

Black walls and Jacobean print fabrics are totally trending right now....

 And check out the fab emerald chairs and quartrefoil background in this top center photo:

I love the bright color combinations and big abstract painting in this shot:

And check this out:

If you switched out that red carpeting for some hardwood floors, that room would be so current with its black lampshades, gallery wall, chinoiserie accents, and brass sconce!

I loved browsing through this book -- well worth the $2.50 price tag. I now own several vintage/mid-century interior decorating books and find something fascinating in each of them. How about you? Have you ever thrifted (or just checked out) a vintage decor book?

Enjoy your week, friends!


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