Monday, April 15, 2013

Thrift Report: A Thing or Two

Happy Monday, all.  Or, as it's better known in these parts...Tax Day! 

Normally I am much more proactive about these things, but this year I've been so busy that doing my taxes kind of fell by the wayside. It's been hanging over my head for WEEKS.  I intended to take a vacation day on Friday to work on them, but had to attend a last minute meeting followed by a work-related event, so that was a bust. Needless to say, my weekend was spent glued to my chair (thank goodness for my comfy new chair!) with spreadsheets and calculators and receipts on the brain. 

As I do every year, I'm resolving to find a better system for next time around. We'll see if I actually follow through this time.

The good/bad part is that I did zero thrifting this weekend. I don't have much to show you, friends, and frankly I'm too exhausted from number-crunching to write much of a post. Instead I'll just quickly share two favorite finds from the past that I've never shown you!

This first score was actually something my mother found and gave to me. She has a knack for finding amazing things! 

It's an enormous Hollywood Regency-era horse head.  I'm pretty sure I screamed when I first saw it.  It's huge -- about 14" tall, I think.  It was originally a lamp base and still has the holes in the top and the base for cording, so it would be a snap to have it wired up again.

What do you think?  To wire, or not to wire?  More importantly, to sell, or not to sell? I'll be honest; I still haven't listed the last horse head lamp I found, which has been in my possession almost exactly a year. HMM.  Maybe I'll let that one go and keep this one??

Moving on...

A while back, I was looking for some fabric to reupholster a small bench and fell in love with this silk adras ikat:

At the time, I wasn't yet aware that scallops were trending in design, but I loved the simplicity and vaguely deco feel of the scalloped pattern combined with the boho look of ikat. Unfortunately, many true handmade ikats are very narrow, and this one wasn't wide enough for my project. I found another fabric, but I couldn't get that cool scallop pattern out of my head.

And then, I came across this!

It's a huge brass container with a scalloped pattern!  It's about the size of a large planter, but it's oval, so I think it may have been originally used for holding kindling or something. It also makes a great magazine holder. I looooove it!  I've actually had this for about six months, so I may bite the bullet and list it in the shop soon, but I've really enjoyed having it around.

Yep, I'm pretty attached to it!

How about you?  Did you do any thrifting this weekend, or were you immersed in tax preparation of your own?  Did you find anything great to keep or to sell?  I can't wait to hear!

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  1. Love both of your finds and completely understand why they haven't made it to the shop. I would so keep the bucket! We definitely have a mutual brass love thing going on. The horse is a hard call is keeping both too much? Congrats on surviving tax season - I vow every year to do a bit better - sigh.

  2. I have procrastinated big time on taxes too. I do it every year. We have two more weeks here. I'll probably start next week. ;)

    I love both of your finds. The brass piece is wonderful. I would keep them both, but then you know I keep everything. :)

  3. Great finds! The horse head is so dramatic, and it would look really nice being a lamp again. Hope you got your taxes done. :)
    Visiting from the Dedicated House.

  4. Well these are just awesome! I particularly like the brass container! Well...I like them all..too hard to choose!!! Yuck about taxes! Definitely not my favorite thing to do either! i hope you have a great week!


    Love that fabric too!

  6. I say wire up that bad boy...what an amazing lamp that would be!


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