Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrift Report: Organize Me

It's weird, but as I was putting this post together I realized that a bunch of my vintage finds for this week happen to be things that contain or organize stuff. It wasn't intentional, I swear!  Kind of cool, though, for this time of year when everyone is going crazy with new year's resolutions to organize and simplify.

Hello, mid-century perpetual calendar on marble base!

I've wanted one of you for so long....

...and wouldn't you look right at home on the desk of Don Draper?? 

These were my only non-"container" finds of the week. I found these four little glasses for almost nothing.

I don't know anything about them; haven't researched yet. I assume they're little cordial or cocktail glasses, but they could also be votive holders. If anyone recognizes them, let me know!

I almost overlooked this retro book holder in a bin of assorted metal odds and ends:

This would be the absolute perfect piece to hold cookbooks on a kitchen shelf!

I had to snap up this mid-century magazine rack, even though th black metal finish has a bit of corrosion.

I could touch it up with some black spray paint, but I'm not even sure it really needs it.

This little pleather jewelry box made me so happy!

It's not really vintage -- marked 1997 on the bottom -- but it's so darned cute. I'll be keeping this one. It has an ivory velvet interior and it's in like-new condition.

And finally, another magazine rack!  {Magazine racks are my new bookends -- they seem to be popping up everywhere lately.}

I got this piece at an antiquing trip with my mom on Saturday. The price was so low I was afraid it was mismarked, but apparently not!  It's in almost perfect condition and I think it's teak. It's also HUGE -- can't list it in the shop until I find a box big enough to ship it!

That's it for me this week, friends. I hope you had some wonderful finds this past week. I'm linking up at the parties below to find out!

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  1. Don't you just love jewelry boxes that are beautiful enough to be display pieces and not just for storing jewelry? The magazine rack is fabulous too!

  2. I adore perpetual calendars, they are so cleverly designed. Lots of magazine racks :) and all of them special. My favorite as you might suspect, is the teak one. I hear you about finding large boxes for large items!

  3. WOW I love the calender Heather

  4. That happens a lot to me, too, where my finds follow a theme! I love magazine racks. I have bought some really ugly (more contemporary - think 90s birch) and make they look awesome with spray paint. Yours are great as is!

  5. These are great organizational pieces. They have more character than the new stuff. The calendar is lovely. I love your idea for a cookbook rack too. I can always use more room for cookbooks! :) Joann

  6. LOVE those glasses! I think I'm addicted to mid century cocktail glasses...I'm constantly having to stop myself from buying every set I find!

  7. That book holder is perfect! And magazine racks have been everywhere here too!

  8. Perpetual calendar on the marble base... drool! This is making me want to go thrifting!!!

  9. That is a great book holder! Like a couch for books :)

  10. Love all of your retro finds!(your subconscious must be looking for storage items-ha!)

  11. What is your brain trying to tell you? ;)
    Both of your magazine racks are super cool! I'm a bit (more than a bit really :) jealous of the teak one. It's really sleak looking. Great finds!

  12. That teak magazine rack is pretty special. If I were you, I wouldn't be looking too hard for a box!

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