Friday, February 8, 2013

My Current Obsession: Deco Decadence

Here are some things you may not know about me:

  • I love the writers from "The Lost Generation" - Hemingway, Dos Passos, Pound, Fitzgerald, Stein... They were, collectively, my first literary obsession, born when I found an old copy of The Sun Also Rises in our house when I was twelve. I somehow managed to personally reenact Hemingway's  Paris to Pamplona pilgrimage when I was 16 (how did I convince my parents to let me do these things? Boggles the mind.) When I was in high school in France, I used to skip classes at least once a month in favor of hopping the train into Paris and hanging out at Shakespeare and Company.  I always planned to name my future kids - or dogs? - Zelda and Hadley. (--That part's kind of embarrassing. Don't tell.)

  • I love Art Deco. The modern lines, the sparkle, the optimism. Most of the antiques I collected early in life were deco or machine age pieces. When I buy vintage things that I really can't resell because of damage or other condition issues, they're almost always Art Deco pieces that I just couldn't bear to leave languishing on a thrift store shelf.

  • I love books, all kinds of books, but [surprise!] vintage tomes are my favorites to collect. When I relocate, the movers who come to give me a cost estimate always shake their heads and groan. Actually, the sheer quantity of books I now own are one of the reasons I have to enlist professional movers these days.'ll now be less astonished when I tell you that despite the possibility that the 1940s floor joists in my home may soon cave in under the sheer weight of my book collection, I am currently, obsessively coveting the F. Scott Fitzgerald collection designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin Classics.

I adore all of Coralie Bickford-Smith's designs for Penguin Classics, but this Fitzgerald collection takes the cake. How can I not own them?

I'm starting with Flappers and Philosophers because it's one of the few Fitzgerald books I haven't read. Plus it's sooo pretty!  I aspire to collect all of them, though. Hear that, people-in-my-life-who-buy-me-gifts?!

How about you? Have you been obsessing about acquiring anything lately, vintage or otherwise?  Do you have a favorite Fitzgerald book? Do you think it's possible that I might be reincarnated from the 1920s?  (Just checking.)

Happy Friday, all!
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  1. You went to high school in France!? Fabulous! I spent a summer there once and I'm obsessed.
    Love art deco and love those books you featured!

    1. Thanks, Marium. I'm glad to know a fellow lover of Art Deco! :)

  2. Ahhh.... This explains your exquisite taste, you were brought up surrounded by culture. :) High school in France? Lucky!!! The closest I got to that was visiting Paris as a child and my best friend (still to this day) visiting her family every summer and always bringing me back a treat (European makeup is amazing).

    The book thing, I'm right there with you (that Fitzgerald collection is beautiful). I always look for the greats when I'm thrifting. I also look for anything on travel, art, nautical, aeronautical, and photography. Recently I was picking through someones curbside cast-offs (classy, I know) and I found a box full of vintage books on philosophy and psychology (score!!!)

    Btw, I love the names Zelda and Hadley!

    1. You are sweet, Wendy. I don't know about the "exquisite taste" part, but I was definitely lucky to grow up in lots of diverse places. And yes!!!! European makeup rocks! Even their version of drugstore makeup are pretty amazing.

      I am envious of your box of vintage books. Must have been fate...who just finds a box of vintage books sitting on a curbside?? So lucky!


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