Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thrift Report: Car Safari

I wasn't actually going to do a Thrift Report post this week because I've really cut back on the vintage-hunting lately (yay me!). Except for a freakishly spring-like day on Saturday, our weather continues its yucky streak and I just haven't been in the mood to get out there and scrounge around. This is not a bad thing; if you could see the vast amounts of still-to-be-listed inventory in my house, you'd understand why.

Instead of my usual "recent acquisitions" report, I'll tell you a little story. Shortly after Christmas, I had to stop short at a red light and heard a mysterious "THUNK" from the back of my car. When I got home and checked it out, I was simultaneously thrilled and embarrassed to find a stash of vintage goodies on the floorboards of my back seat. I hadn't noticed them there because they were wrapped up on a dark colored blanket and buried underneath a stack of cloth grocery bags. Not my fault, right?  I'm pretty sure this stuff had been back there since (cough, cough) Thanksgiving-ish. Seriously.

Here's what I dug up:

A massive solid plaster gold lion.  (This was the source of the mysterious "THUNK.")  I remember buying this at a Goodwill a few months ago, because the teenager who checked me out said, "What IS that thing?" and I said, "Ummm...a huge gold lion?" and he said, "Really? Cool." (????)  This thing is ginormous. It's really amazing that I managed to lose it for so long.

Next, I unearthed a porcelain elephant that I bought at an antique mall holiday open house the first week in December:

It's marked "Nancy Lopez 1980" on the underside and it's such a pretty, delicate piece in person. 

Adding to the elephant count, I also dug up this large vintage brass vase or urn with elephant heads and trunks as handles. It needs some polishing, but I love the design.

And there you have it. I also found two Willowware serving pieces that I bought on a shopping trip with my mom in early December, but I haven't photographed those yet.

A lion and three elephants: a virtual car safari. What do you think of my haul?  Does that fact that I "lost" all this stuff in my vehicle for more than a month make me a hoarder? Let's hope not!

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  1. I can't beleive you lost these gorgeous finds Heather :-)

  2. Hmm. Shopping in the backseat, perhaps I best have a look at mine! :)

  3. I think that we all loose elephants and lions at some point! Funny story and fabulous finds! I swear I never see anything like this in my rounds.

  4. What a great surprise - and a fun story that I am sure only us fellow tresure seekers can truly appreciate. All great finds, but I especially like the elephant figurine. Thanks for sharing and making us all feel better :-)

  5. HILARIOUS story and great re-finds!

  6. I am in stitches about you losing the lion. Sounds like something I'd do! Great finds!

  7. Interesting pieces! How on earth did you lose that lion? :)
    Are you going to keep them "as is", or paint them?
    Popping over from The Dedicated House,

  8. OMG, so I am not the only one to hoard stuff in my car - yippee!! It drives my husband nuts because we usually drive my car over the weekend, and I have stuff rolling back and forth all over the place - and about 27 near empty water bottles. I am klassy like that!

  9. Such a funny story! The lion is so fabulous that, instead of forgetting him, I would have rushed to get him in the house and then spent many days petting and stroking him.

  10. I've done this. May as well enjoy the thrill of finding the treasures in the car and never mind being embarrassed. Life's too short.

  11. I LOVE the gold vase! How cute would it be with fresh flowers in it???

  12. Funny story! I have also 're-found' items I thrifted months ago-usually in the trunk. I'm always just as excited the second time around! I love the lion and the elephant!

  13. I found some Pyrex and a glass bowl just the other day! Nothing terrible in that! I had a porcelain Nancy Lopez trinket box from 1978-1980ish.

  14. That is something that has totally happened to me before! Glad to see that I am not the only one. I love that elephant!


  15. I'm pretty sure that has happened to all of us once or twice. ;-)
    Good thing you refound those items, they are super cool!

  16. Oh thrift store conversations. Good times.

    I love that elephant.

    I've been meaning to ask you, are you on Instagram?

    1. Not as of yet. I need to get with the program! ;)

  17. They are all so lovely, Heather!!! I do that, too - buy a bunch of stuff at the thrift store and then forget about it only to be like " oh cool!" when I stumble across it a few months later. :)

  18. haha i cant believe you forgot about all that loot! that's kinda perfect though, especially since you're on a spending freeze. i'm loving that elephant

  19. I think it speaks to the high quality of your regular finds that you managed to forget about these lovely pieces for so long! Although I confess I wonder how pieces that large went unnoticed. ;) I wish there was something like that in my car, but I fear there is only kleenex and plastic toys.

  20. Thank you for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  21. Hey Heather :) I wanted to invite you to join in my thrifted link up.



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