Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Controversial

from the savant of home style herself
find something to talk about

I love this, and usually subscribe to it in my decorating. I'm pretty sure my new animal print rug, for example, is going to turn into a controversial element in my living room - at least among my family and friends. More often than not, though, it's my vintage finds that make people roll their eyes when they think I'm not looking. Those who aren't head over heels for all things old, as I am, sometimes just don't get that side of me. Do you have anything in your home that makes 'em talk? Any "controversial items?"

Happy Wednesday, friends!



  1. This is my mantra as well. I guess my controversial pieces are my vintage portraits I have spread all over my home. Some people just don't get why I want these strange pensive women on my walls.

    1. I loooove vintage portraits. I have a few, but don't have the wall space to display them en masse. Hey, just lie and claim they're your ancestors if people give you a hard time! ;)

  2. I think some of my thrift finds are definitely controversial. Remember my lawn chairs? But I'm with you. You need some quirky items to add life to your home.

    1. Oh, the chairs...I remember! Can't believe anyone could possibly dislike them. ;)


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