Monday, November 26, 2012

Thrift Report: Thanksgiving Week

Happy Monday, friends! I had a bit of trouble rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn for work this morning after a leisurely week full of feasting, movies, shopping, and general about you?

I didn't do a ton of thrifting last week; I was more focused on the holiday, and then on Black Friday. (I admit it...I love a good bargain.)

I made a few thrifty scores on Black Friday morning, including a pair of leather gloves for $5, some favorite movies on DVD for $1.99 each, and a couple of inexpensive Christmas gifts.

On the vintage front, here are just a few things I picked up:

A couple of 1960s wall hangings. So Hollywood glam.

A pair of cast-iron fish bookends. I'm telling you, the bookends never stop.

A brass double wine chiller. This guy took about an hour of polishing to reach the "presentable" stage,
but i think it was worth it.

My mom actually picked up seven of these vintage poker themed glasses for me....

...along with this mod ice bucket. They look great together. Way to go, Mom!
That's it for me this week. How about you? Did you unearth any thrifty treasures this week? Are you a crazy Black Friday shopper (like moi?).

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  1. Wonderful stuff. I am jealous of all the amazing bookends you find! And the wall hangings are gorgeous. I'm glad you enjoyed the break. Feasting, movies and shopping sounds perfect. :)

  2. Love the wallhangings and bookends! Gotta love the $1.99 black friday movie deals.

  3. Agreed, getting back into the normal daily groove is feeling weird. Love it all but especially the wall hangings and the bookends. You always find such great stuff! :)

  4. Great finds as usual - I especially love the bookends! The icebucket is really cool too. And you are a brave soul for getting out in the retail world on Black Friday :-)

  5. oooooo....NICE wine chiller Heather!!

  6. LOVE those wall hangings!!! FUN!

  7. Love the bookends and the wine chiller. I need one of those myself!

    Happy Holidays!


  8. Those bookends are fantastic! I am glad you had a good holiday :)


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