Monday, November 5, 2012

Thrift Report: Mirror, Mirror...

It was a cold, blustery weekend here in Indy, packed with lots of errands and endless hours of RAKING! I'm pretty sure the enormous tree in my backyard has decided to shed all its leaves in a 48 hour period...sigh.

Fear not, though: I still managed to fit in a bit of thrifting! 

I found this little Federal style mirror...

It's a Syroco piece, which means it's probably late 60s era and made from hard plastic, but I think it's cute. I wish it were gilded, though. Should I try to gold leaf it? Hmmm...something to ponder!

I also picked up some swingin' 60s McCoy:

This starburst pattern was produced in 1968. I think it's kind of Christmasy.

Another mirror:

The glass is nicely aged, and the brass has a gorgeous patina and a rustic look. It's about the size of a book cover and has a hook on the back. It's clearly the mirror that you'd take to hang in your tent on safari to Africa in the 1920s.  Okay, I made that up. I confess; I always wanted to be the person who wrote the decriptions for the J. Peterman catalog.

Another vase...

This one is a Chinoiserie style cobalt blue, featuring two peacocks. You know how I love peacocks, right?  The perfect size to hold pencils, or knitting needles, or straws, or forks, or....

And finally, another mirror!

I looooove round vintage mirrors of all kinds, and I have another one almost identical to this one in my guest room. I can't decide whether to sell this one or keep it. I've never tried shipping a large mirror and it makes me a bit nervous. I got this for a steal at half-off day at Goodwill, and it's a true antique, though the mirror glass has been replaced at some point.

Those are my thrifted finds for this week!  How about you - any interesting scores?  I'm linking up with the following to check out everyone else's finds!

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    I have two matching Syroco mirrors just like yours!

    1. I have been finding sooo much Syroco lately, it's crazy. I'm jealous that you have a pair!

  2. The mirrors are fantastic! I love that first one especially. I also love the look of the simple pencils in the gorgeous vase. No leaves to rake here. I WISH I had a nice big tree. :)

    1. I know, I know...I should be grateful. MOST of the time I love my trees, but this time of year is a bit "challenging!" :)

  3. I too love that last mirror, but the McCoy is my favorite! It's not a creamer is it? Kinda shaped that way. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations.

    1. Thanks so much! It's not a creamer, since it doesn't have any kind of spout and a hollow base. I'm pretty sure it's a small planter or vase, though it IS a bit odd that it has a handle!

  4. Wow Heather ....loving the mirrors!

  5. Love everything of course...have to say that little pencil holder is the fave.

  6. I have a passion for mirrors and I love the last one the best! You should keep it! Enabler that I am.

  7. Awesome mirrors, and I love love that McCoy piece! Such a gorgeous shape, and it totally works for Christmas without being too obvious. Great stuff!


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