Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thrift Report: Dali at Goodwill!

The title of this post doesn't actually apply to moi - let's face it: I'd be too busy screaming and drinking champagne to blog if I ever found something like a Dali etching at Goodwill, but still...did you see that story?!  Incredible. Deep down, all of us thrifters and vintage fiends have these kinds of fantasies...that we'll come across something incredibly valuable in our thrifting forays. It's true, right?

I didn't find anything even remotely close to a surrealist etching in my thrifting trips this week, but I still uncovered a few gems.

I thought this little golden hand-shaped ring holder was so cute. A great stocking stuffer.

Isn't the design of these glasses so awesomely retro?  I love the spiky black pattern. I'm having a hard time letting these go, although I need another set of glasses like I need a hole in the head.

I actually bought this next piece last year, after Christmas, at a thrift store sale:

It's a white ceramic Christmas tree with an interesting, textured glaze meant to represent snow on the branches. It's dated 1962 on the bottom. I was so excited when I remembered it and dug it out of storage this weekend!

A pretty set of Virginia Metalcrafters brass eagle trivets. They're marked 1952. (I love all this dated stuff I found this week...makes things so much easier!)

A black Otagiri lacquerware trinket box. These are great for their intended use on a vanity or dresser, but I LOVE them as glam desktop accessories in an office.

Another Christmas item:

A vintage glass tree topper in its original box. Not dated, but I would guess late 60s based on the style and the print on the box. My parents had one of these in green when I was a little kid!

Finally, I know I've been all about the ginger jars lately, but I just couldn't pass up this pair:

I thought they were just gorgeous with their bird motifs, gold-tipped lids, and black color schemes. Again--I totally want to keep them. Must. List. In. Shop. ASAP.

And there you have most of my finds from this week! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek. Have you thrifted any fabulous vintage treasures lately? 

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  1. I saw the news and it reassures me that it is possible to find great art at the GW! Lovely finds this week! We had a very similar tree toper when I was little :)

  2. hi there my friend! oh i saw the story! i was aghast!!!!! lol! i mean REALLY...the person did not see the signature? did not see the style? NO CLUE!!!! sure wish that was a good will that i was going to!!! i would be doing the happy happy dance for sure!!!! : ) by the way...your finds as usual...AWESOME! sending hugs and wishes for a picture perfect week!

  3. Cool barware - very masculine too.
    The most valuable art I ever found at a thrift store was appraised at, wait for it... $200 (lol) - but I get cred since it was appraised by the Antique's Roadshow! (when they were in Boston this spring). It was a tiny watercolor that cost me $1.99. So, the ROI was decent after all ;-)

  4. You mean I'm not going to find a rolled up Picasso in a bin at the Goodwill? There goes my retirement plans! Seriously, though, you find the coolest stuff. You have a great eye for unique pieces.

  5. Those glasses are crazy good! I would be keeping those too.

  6. I hadn't read that Dali story!!! OHMYGOSH! That's too cool.

    Love that tree topper and set of glasses!

  7. love the glassware & seeing your great finds! I'm a huge fan of all things barware. enjoyed visiting your blog!


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