Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

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I hope everyone uses their vote today -- it should be one of your prized possessions.
There was some last-minute redistricting in my neighborhood that caused chaos at our local polls today. It took me three hours to vote-- four polling places, two accusations of not being registered, and almost three hours of standing in line. It wasn't until someone told me that I couldn't vote that I truly realized how precious that right is to me.
Wishing all my American readers a smooth voting experience today. Make your voice count!


  1. How stressful! What time did you get to the polls to endure the madness? I got there at 7AM and it was already open with a short line. So lucky my voting process went without any issues!

    Love the vintage image you've shared here.

  2. Thanks, Van. Glad things went well for you!! Normally voting is super low key and quick in my neighborhood, so I know today was just a fluke. I started at 8:00 -- trying to miss the earlier morning rush.

  3. Glad for your persistence! I popped into early voting at the library last week - took 2 hours standing in line but smooth process after all.

  4. Love your photo and the sentiment of your post! Good for your perserverance!

  5. Great picture and a good reminder that every women needs to exercise their right who has the right in this world to vote since it was a major fight to get the right.

  6. WHOA! You poor thing! What a long day!


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