Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thrift Report: Bookends

There's nothing I love more than buying something vintage that is practical to use today. That's probably why I love vintage dish towels, restaurantware, handbags...anything that not only looks cool, but can be put to actual use at home!

Vintage bookends most definitely fall into the "cool but useful" category, and I've been lucky enough to find quite a few sets lately! Here are some of my bookend finds from the last month or so:

A couple of cast brass lighthouse bookends. Preppy and nautical!

I love this gleaming set of brass pineapples, too. I know that Viriginia Metalcrafters made bookends identical to these, but this set is unmarked.

I also picked up this heavy marble set of bookends. What would you call them?

Mexican/Mayan/Aztec Totems/Gods/Statues?  I've seen similar sets referenced as all of the above! I think they're kind of charming.

I picked up two of these brass shells...simple and chic. I recently saw a design blogger who used a set of these, back to back, to hold bills on top of her desk.

I need to shine this pair up, but once I do, they'll be amazing in a kid's room or nursery.

Seriously, could they be any cuter? I think not. :)

This guy is probably my favorite recent bookend find. He's kind of bronze and really solid.

I only found one, but I still love it!

There are so many vintage bookends out there; this is just a sampling of the ones I've come across recently. How about you? Do you collect anything vintage that you can put to use in your modern home?

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  1. love your bookends! its been on my list since forever but cant seem to find one here :( that thinking man is fab!

  2. Love this collection and guess what -- JJ found the same MAYAN bookends! lol!!! go figure right! I LOVE the solitary thinker...I wouldn't want two -- single is the way it should be so it is PERFECT!!!! tons of hugs and thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Heather,
    That is a great collection of bookends...I think the bears are my favorite! They are so cute but the rest of them are really nice. Thanks for dropping by my blog to wish me a Happy Birthday! 8-)

  4. These are GORGEOUS....being a librarian they really float my boat!

  5. love the lighthouse and the thinker. even having one book end is not a bad thing on a book shelf - you just prop them up on one end of the shelf itself and then use the book end as the decorative/useful piece on the other. great finds!

  6. I am always happy to find bookends, but my Seibel ones are still to be found. I find a lot of Blenko bookends, always popular with the MCM crowd. I do not use much of what I collect, it is a shame really. I should start keeping some dishtowels or scarves. You have inspired me. Thanks

  7. I am DYING over this collection. The bears are perfection! Nursery is right!

  8. Great collection~ my favs are the bears.

  9. oh wow!! the bears are adorable love them :)

  10. I never really took notice of bookends before - after seeing your collection, I'd say they're definitely worth a second look!! The lighthouses are sweet!

  11. What a beautiful collection of bookends! Love the bears and I especially like the "thinking guy!"

  12. The Thinker bookend is by far my favorite! I remember bears like those from the '80's when country and bears were everywhere. Great selection you've gathered here.


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