Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Highlights

Sometimes, especially during my busy summer season, I feel like time gets away from me. It’s such a cliché, but I can’t believe it’s already the end of the first week in June! In an effort to live more “in the moment,” to help me preserve some memories and more intentionally reflect on my days, I thought I’d start a new Friday series called “Weekly Highlights." I'll document some of the pleasant things, big or small, that have a positive impact on my week. 

This Week's Highlights: 

  •  The gorgeous, breezy, just-warm-enough days. It makes me feel like I’m at the beach, even here in landlocked Indy.

  • Popsicles. I bought a box of the old school treats for the first time in a gazillion years the other day when I burned my tongue and needed something to soothe it. Seriously? Were they always this good? 
{Photo via here}

  • A sweet friend-of-a-friend mentioning that she’s a fan of my blog. I’m still such a blogging newbie that it’s a total and complete thrill to realize anyone reads this stuff!
  • “Siri,” my new “personal assistant” courtesy of iPhone. Mainly, I am in love with being able to say “Wake me up at 7:45. No, wait, make that 8:10!” rather than fumbling with my uber-complicated alarm clock. It’s the little things that make me happy, folks. Plus, I programmed her to call me "goddess."  (What? Is that weird?)

  • My vintage nautical crocheted blanket got featured in a gorgeous treasury on the front page of Etsy yesterday! It’s always fun when that happens, because I’ll suddenly notice hundreds of views on my shop all at once and have to sleuth a bit before I realize why.

  • Parenthood. I know…it’s kind of sad when a television show is a highlight of your week, but I can’t lie. I’m hooked. A friend slyly got me addicted by slipping me seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, and I subsequently watched so many episodes back-to-back that I had to set a timer (Siri!) to remind myself to stand up and stretch periodically. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try. I absolutely love every. single. actor. This family is so quirky and yet real, you’ll fall in love with them.

  • My beloved boy Gus treed a cat last night. A neighborhood kitty was in the back yard when I let Mr. Gus out for his nightly constitutional, and before I could blink, she was perched on a branch 30 feet above ground with Gus snarling and trying to climb the tree trunk. {So glad he's chubby and slow!} Thankfully the kitty managed to make her way down sometime overnight, but not before I spent a long night worrying, creeping around the base of the tree with a flashlight, and contemplating calling the fire department. Finding her gone this morning was definitely a "high!"
{Guarding the tree, and taking it very seriously.}
  • I'm also still on a bit of a high from last weekend's epic yard sale trip, which is definitely the BIGGEST highlight of my last seven days. Here's one more find from that trip that I forgot to share in my earlier posts:


This stunning chartreuse Abingdon vase is one of my favorite art deco pottery forms. Another $1 find from last weekend...I'll probably sell it, but I'm loving gazing at it in the meantime! Definitely a highlight.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, relaxing weekend full of many highlights and memories! 


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  1. seriously those popsicle colors are amazing! your series sounds nice especially so that we wont forget to focus on the positive rather than the negative :) love that vase!


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