Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ah, Summer. . .

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As previously noted, it was hot, hot, hot this past weekend. Most of you know it as Memorial Day Weekend, but here in Indy, it's Race Weekend, baby. Checkered flags everywhere. Movie stars and actual Europeans in our midst. OOOH yeah.

I actually have nothing to do with the big race. I'm really not a fan of loud, fast cars, and at 5'10", I'm way too tall to have crushes on the drivers. (Something non-Indianapolis peeps may not realize is that race car drivers are teeny tiny. Really. They are miniature...jockey-sized, if you need another sports reference.) And you know what? In a sick attempt to force the locals to attend the race, they refuse to televise it live in our area. People in Indy listen to it on the RADIO. It's delightfully retro, actually; groups of people sitting on their porches and lawns, drinking mimosas ( and listening to the race on the old transistor.

Anyway, back to me and my lack of affinity for racing. What do I do instead on Race Weekend? I thrift, yes. I eat massive amounts of summer holiday weekend food (yes, it IS possible to consume too much watermelon). I take an inaugural summer ride on my parents' boat.

I laugh at bulldogs in life jackets.

The whiter set of legs is mine.

This hot dog could only stay out a little while, and only in the hour right before dusk. It was so hot it was ALMOST unbearable, but then I thought back to winter, when I whined incessantly about the cold and how much I missed summer and blah blah blah...and I decided to just smile and go with it. Summer's got me in her grip.



  1. I love the scene you described of people listening to the race on their radios. So old school. I'm secretly a fan of racing...shhhh. :)

    1.'s the most old-school thing ever. So funny! I won't give away your secret... ;)

  2. i love hot dogs in lifejackets too! LOL i love your imagery of people sitting in their porches sipping iced tea and mimosas with the radio on while slowly fanning themselves :)

    1. Yep, it's like stepping back in time for just a few hours!

  3. I like your way of celebrating race weekend!


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