Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrift Score Monday: Brassy

Now that my [failed] thrifting moratorium is over, I can once again hit the secondhand shops and thrifts without shame. I found a few lovely things this weekend....including quite a bit of brass.  Adding a touch of gold to a room is like putting on earrings to finish off your outfit--in moderation, it adds so much warmth and richness to a room. Check out my finds!

Ornate vintage lipstick holder to glam up a vanity table or bathroom counter:

Pretty brass plated serving tray with a raised railing:

(Doesn't it look pretty holding a few pieces of art pottery?)

The thrill of finding a chunky brass animal in a thrift store never wears off for me:

This tall laquered brass vase is so elegant:

Finally, I just love the shape of this old brass lamp, which reminds me of a genie bottle. So chic with the black shade, isn't it?

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  1. Love the brass! I love scoring brass figurines as well!!

  2. I love how all your thrift haul seem to be themed! Yay for no more thrift bans ;) I'm in love with your little elephant and the lipstick holder is so glam.

  3. that elephant is phant-astic.haha. and that lipstick holder dealio is super cool!

  4. I have that elephant! He was one of my first brass animal finds! His leg is a little uneven, so I had to fix him a little, but he fits nicely in my African themed office!

  5. These are all incredible (brass lover, here). You did well!!!


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