Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday!

It's an exciting time in Indianapolis as our little city hosts its first Super Bowl. I am, admittedly, not really a football fan. I've never understood the game. Until recently, I thought a "first down" was when the first player fell down. (But it's actually not! Errrr...right?)  I went to college in the south, where going to a football game meant dressing up in your prettiest dress, heels, and pearls and standing with coat-and-tie-clad boys in the packed bleachers drinking cocktails mixed from the flasks of bourbon your date hid in his boot. I attended many a game, and don't remember ever watching a second of the action on the field.

That said, it's been hard not to get swept up in "football fever" these last two weeks in Indy. The AFC champion team is staying at a hotel directly across the street from my office. Here's a shot of the hoopla taken from my office window, complete with drinking tent, media trucks and full Secret Service security:

Despite my lack of interest in the game of football, I do have an appeciation for vintage football memorabilia. (You knew I'd say that, didn't you?)  I think worn old leather footballs, vintage helmets, and antique trophies can bring an amazing feeling of aged Americana to a room. They're perfect for little boy rooms (so much better than Star Wars or Sponge Bob!), dens and family rooms. Here's a framed photograph of my father and his high school football squad that I've displayed in all of my apartments and houses over the years:

More than one person has tried to buy this piece from me, but it's staying put. It's special to me because my dad is in it, but you can get a similar look with any vintage team photo.

{The snarly, "intimidate the other team" look on my father's face is my favorite part of the photo, hands down. :)}
Vintage football cards are also cool. Many of them have that painted, "technocolor" feeling of colorized black and white movies. I worked for one of my first bosses for almost a year before I learned that he'd been a professional football player in the 60s. Here's a photo I took years ago of his football card from back in the day:

Why not blow up a few vintage football cards and frame them gallery style in a study?  Or make a collage of them?

I also love this vintage football helmet from Etsy seller vintageseventyfive:

I'd perch it on top of a bookcase, or on the corner of a rustic mantle.

I hope you all enjoy this Super Sunday, whether you're a football fan or, like me, simply appreciate the aesthetic appeal of vintage football collectables.  For my part, I'm enjoying the unseasonably gorgeous weather here ( it February or May?!)  and feeling proud of my adopted hometown, which has most certainly put its best foot forward this week.


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