Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrift Score Monday: Coming Clean

Okay, I admit it. I thrifted. I THRIFTED!!!!!! 

I had such good intentions going into the month of January. I declared a moratorium on buying; instead, I planned to work through my backlogged inventory and get a fresh start. I would arrive at February with a fresh outlook and more storage space. It was a noble plan, full of good intentions. . .

It's winter in Indianapolis, people. There's not that much to do, but there's a thrift store on every corner. And every time I drive by, resisting the siren call, I imagine what might be inside. Am I missing out on a full set of Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band?  The perfect Danish modern lamp?  A set of sterling silver flatware, carelessly tossed into the "utensils" bin by an unknowing store employee?  SIGH. All I can say is, thank GOD it's not summer, with a tag or estate sale on every block, or I'd really be in trouble!

Confession over. Let me share with you my recent bounty!

Set of fourteen midcentury snack plates. Buy these and throw the world's hippest Super Bowl party!

Old hotel china plates from the Hotel Belvedere in NYC. They make my heart flutter:

Cool mid-century looking pottery elephant (actually a coin bank):

Pristine set of Swedish salt and pepper shakers:

Elegant scalloped silver compote from iconic (and now-defunct) Indianapolis department store LS Ayres:

And finally, a very old lidded casserole dish from McCoy pottery, featuring an "MC" design on the lid's handle, in my favorite shade of green. This one's staying in my collection:

I must say, I feel better now that I've come clean! 

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  1. Love the snack trays!!! (Love all of them). You'd be in trouble if you lived here in Fla ... The weather is perfect for garage sales. And, I fully understand the siren call. Sigh.

  2. I love those mid century snack plates! I really like how the nice simple background looks with the mid century style items. I tend to go a little crazy with fabrics and maps behind my thrift finds, which I like, but I think it gets a bit hectic at times, so I definitely appreciate the elegant simplicity of your photos!

  3. Julia...thanks for the compliment. I do love the look of wood and brightly colored objects against white, but I struggle when it comes to milk glass or crystal, which get lost on a white background. Love your blog, by the way! xoxo

  4. Oh! I am glad you thrifted! I can't imagine where all these lovelies would be if you had not rescued them. Love the casserole the most, but everything is great.

  5. Good thing you stopped into the thrifts! The salt and pepper shakers are my faves. That is indeed a beautiful shade of green.

  6. ha! When I read a couple weeks ago about your moratorium....I, she has WAY strong will power than I do! you got some great loot so I don't think you can feel too guilty. that hotel belvedere collection is awesome!

  7. @Leah: Um, yeah. Guess I learned something about myself and my lack of willpower. I'd like to tell you I'll try again in February (it's a short month, right?!) but no promises. ;) The Hotel Belvedere plates are my faves, too!

  8. Hi Heather, I too hear the call of the siren and I too wonder, what treasure am I missing? I tell you, if my thrifts had items like the ones you found, all resolve would go out the window. What great finds, I especially love the elephant but all the other items would have been bought by me if I had been shopping. Very nice!

  9. wow...what fabulous treasures!

  10. That elephant bank is too cute! Fun finds!

  11. You definitely shouldn't hold back from thrifting if you find pieces like these while out! I especially love the elephant bank and the salt & pepper shakers. Whenever I feel bad about thrifting I remind myself that I'm stimulating the economy AND helping out a charity. :)

  12. Those snack plates are pretty cool. I always run across the pressed glass ones, but never wooden! Great shopping, even if you had planned not to.

  13. Those snack plates are so very cool! Indy will be hopping this weekend- enjoy all the hoopla!

  14. You were meant to be at those stores. The hotel plates, the store compote, the McCoy casserole - all crying out to be discovered by someone who recognized their fabulosity.

  15. I have found 2 of those elephant banks and I cant seem to find them on the internet anywhere! I love them. Do you know a maker?

    1. I never did figure out the maker! They are so cute, though. Very cool that you found two!


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