Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrift Score Monday (on a Tuesday): Springy!

Sorry to be late posting … I had this drafted on Monday, but somehow got sidetracked and forgot to actually post it! It’s unseasonably warm in Indianapolis again, so I thought I’d enjoy it to the fullest and pretend it’s spring!  This week, I’m going to highlight some finds from the last few months in cheery spring colors. I actually had them all out on my countertop the other day, preparing to photograph them, and realized how lovely and springy they look together.

First, this great set of Blendo tumblers in a pretty lime green:

I love the combination of the gold rims and the citrusy green.

Next, this super cute set of Fire King mugs with retro orange and green flowers:

What a fun way to drink your morning coffee, right?

I’m also loving this bright yellow mid-century wall clock:

It has the most stylish raised numbers and keeps perfect time. I almost didn’t spot it on one of my junk store forays back in November, but I’m so glad I did!

For another dose of yellow, check out these two Anchor Hocking mugs that I listed in the shop last week:

Anything in the aqua/turquoise family always cheers me up. I was thrilled with this unusual find:

The large pottery candle holder holds a pillar sized candle and incorporates swirls of red, yellow, and green into the predominantly aqua glaze.

It’s in great shape except for some minor crazing!

Speaking of aqua love, nothing could put me in a happier mood than these vibrant tumblers:

I initially passed them up because my inventory is really heavy on glassware right now. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I went back to the shop. I restrained myself again, went home, and went back a third time!  Thankfully I came to my senses and took them home. Does anyone else do that? I can be the queen of indecision sometimes…

Word on the street is that the weather here in Indy is going to take a turn for the wintry by this evening, so I’m enjoying this taste of spring while it lasts. I hope things are cheery wherever you are!

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  1. Love the glasses and the clock. I know how it is, you love something but you have to think of your inventory. I am learning my lesson slowly, but I think you did well going back.

  2. Love all your bright cheery finds.. Happy Tuesday!
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  3. Snow today in the Chicago area- thank you for brightening up my evening! All your finds (I love those mugs!) are great!

  4. Thank you for sharing these sunny colors. January in Wisconsin really needs them.

  5. ohhhhhhh, them-thar coffee cups in the first picture makes my heart skip a beat. pure love.

  6. Leah: You crack me up! :) Thanks for the sweet comments, all!

  7. Love the clock! Yellow homewares are so cheery!! The aqua glasses are beautiful too :)

  8. it's amazing that you can find such gorgeous glasses and so many of them. whenever i find a cute glass it's always by itself.
    great finds!


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