Monday, January 9, 2012

Thrift Score Monday: Double Trouble

I'm semi-sticking to my resolution not to thrift in the month of January and focus instead on my backlogged inventory....I haven't thrifted much. Today, I'm featuring a cool find from earlier in the fall: a set of two vintage wall shelves:

They are SUPER heavy and feature geometric, Chinoiserie-style brass supports and hanging hardware which gives them a glam, Hollywood Regency vibe.

I found them in a junk store in an upscale area. When you hold them, you can tell they are well-made, quality pieces. One of them features a vintage-looking sticker on the back from the store where they were originally purchased:

I just love their style and quality. Oddly enough, I think their unique shape means they could also work as a set of the world's most glamorous bookends:

Am I crazy???

Now for confession time:  Last Friday, I made a quick stop by a thrift store right next door to the post office (dangerous!).  And guess what I found? Another set of these beauties!  Both pair are in oustanding vintage condition with just some minor wear and patina. What are the chances?!  I just love them all...and maybe I need to keep a set.

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  1. What's that song? "You would be so easy to live with.." Well, these would certainly be very, very easy to live with. WOW! What else do you have stashed?!

  2. Mom's a bit scary. :) I did a LOT of treasure hunting this past summer. Ha!

  3. How funny, I have a pair of these book shelves too-- I actually found them at a rummage sale held in a coffee shop. You've inspired me to dig them out of my storage and to hang them up!

  4. Leilani--that's crazy! So cool that you have a set too!

  5. Those are so cool! I like that you used them as book ends, too. I think it's great to use somethingdifferently from what it was originally intended. Love your books.
    Visiting from Coastal Charm,

  6. love those! I really, really like them as book ends!

  7. that's pretty cool! like them even better as book ends. thank you for sharing at cap creations. you have been featured!


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