Friday, January 6, 2012

My Current Obsession: Fleece Sheets

My family and friends are groaning right now, because they've had to listen to me rant and rave on this topic since Thanksgiving! Nonetheless, I've discovered something so fabulous, so life-altering, so revolutionary, that I just can't keep it to myself. I've discovered fleece sheets.

Back in November, I was a houseguest of a kind host who made up my bed with antique quilts and fleece sheets. Not flannel, but fleece. Fluffy polyester goodness. Think polarfleece jackets and you'll get the picture.  I'd seen these sheets in stores, but never been the least bit interested. I've never been a fan of flannel--too pilly and hot--and I prefer natural fabrics for my bedding. In fact, I've always been super picky about sheets:  500 thread count is great; anything higher can feel....slimy. Percale=good; sateen=bad. 100% cotton is a must, and they need to be washed at least five times before use to remove all the icky factory sizing. See? I'm a little high maintenance.

So, as I was faced with the cute snowflake-pattern fleece sheets on my temporary bed, I felt, well, nervous. Would I be too hot? Would my clothes stick to them? Would they even feel like sheets?

I needn't have worried. They were downright heavenly; like sleeping on a cloud. That chill when you first slide into a cold bed? Gone. They stayed in place and nicely tucked in. They were soft as silk. I was toasty warm, but not overheated. I was amazed. I was HOOKED.

I then proceeded to ramble on about my love for fleece sheets to anyone who would listen, incessantly, right up until Christmas. My parents took the hint and got me a set as a gift. (They may have just been trying to shut me up, in retrospect.)  I then fretted anew: Would they be as awesome as I remembered? Would this set live up to the November snowflake sheets?  Well, my friends, the answer is YES. My new set, purchased from Kohls, is just as amazing. I slapped them on my bed without even washing them (GASP), and I've slept like a baby ever since! They are the best sheets I've ever experienced, and I'm sad I didn't find them years ago.

Full disclosure: I don't think I'd use these in summer. While I've never felt too warm in these sheets, I'm sure they might be a bit much for the sweltering temps of, say, August . . . though the top sheet might make the perfect lightweight summer blanket!  I also suspect they might pill after repeated washings. I've read online reviews of many fleece sheet sets, and the general consensus seems to be that pilling is minimal, though I know my fleece jackets and throw blankets have pilled over time. Still...even if I end up buying a new set each year, these sheets are worth it. They're THAT good.

If you want to give them a try, they're on sale all over the place right now. Here are a few candidates:

Sierra Trading Post
Touch of Class
The Company Store
Kohls   (This is the set I have!)

Happy sleeping!


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  1. I have never seen these for sale (maybe not in Canada yet?) thanks for posting - I love fleece.


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