Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Imperial Glass for. . .Target??

I'm a huge Target fan. HUGE.  I love that they pioneered the marriage of sophisticated design and low-cost utilitarianism. It's scary how much of my clothing comes from that place. They're the only store that carries my favorite flavor of Luna bar. Even the lighting is better than other stores - have you noticed? It's always sunny in Target.

I once hiked four blocks in knee-deep snow to visit Target just because I needed a fix of their cheery red-and-white decor after days of being homebound by a blizzard. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

I've been reading for a couple months about a  new partnership betwen Target and Neiman Marcus to jointly offer a line of holiday giftware by high-end design houses. It seemed kind of weird: Does the typical Neiman's customer have that much in common with Tarjay shoppers?  I guess so!

The line has finally arrived at my local store -- I spotted it the other day. My particular Target chose to awkwardly display the line in the middle of the toddler clothing section (??), crammed on makeshift cardboard display units with their backs turned to the aisles. Way to promote, Glendale Target. 

Mixed in with the kiddie tee-shirts and onesies, I spotted all manner of designer goodness. A Tory Burch lunch kit; a Carolina Herrera cosmetic bag set; Rodarte Christmas ornaments!  My intial favorites were the DVF jewelry box and the Marc Jacobs metallic clutches.

And then I spotted it:  The Altuzarra barware collection. The gold-toned cocktail shaker and the heavy rocks glasses were right up my alley. They were glam; they were gilded; they were vintage inspired. They were....familiar?

I instantly realized that they look remarkably like vintage Imperial Glass. Some of you may remember my post on vintage gold Imperial Glass from way back in May. The "Shoji" pattern - with its geometric trellis design - is probably the most well-known of the gilded Imperial barware from that era, but the "Sekai Ichi" pattern is also very well known and highly collectable.
Here's a picture of a Sekai Ichi ice bucket from the website:

And here's a set of Altuzarra glasses from Target:

Uncanny, isn't it? :)   
At first, I was thrilled at the thought of purchasing a set of four Sekai Ichi-esque rocks glasses, since the originals are rather rare and quite pricey. I quickly noticed, though, that while the glasses are nowhere near the price of Imperial Glass originals, they are still quite pricey for Target glassware at $49.99 a set. I couldn't justify the purchase so close to the holidays. I also began to feel a bit conflicted. I freely admit that I've owned more than a few vintage knock-offs in my time, usually due to affordability issues. In this case, though, the collection is specifically supposed to consist of original designs by today's top designers, and these seem to be a bit more than just "inpsired by" the Imperial originals.  And yet...they're gorgeous, heavy, and high quality, so I'm kind of glad they exist. 
And so it goes. If these should happen to go on clearance after Christmas, I can't promise I won't pick up a set. Or maybe a shaker, which would look fabulous alongside some original Imperial Shoji, Sekai Ichi, or other gilded barware of the era.
How about you?  Do you think these look too much like the Imperial designs to be considered "designer originals?"  What is your stance on vintage knock-offs? 
PS: Peruse the whole [fabulous] Target + Neiman Marcus Collection here!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day of Silence

Joining many fellow bloggers in a day of blogging silence in support of the victims and survivors of Sandy Hook.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thrift Report: It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Happy Monday, all!  Are you ready for the holidays? I'm NOT!  I've been engaging in a classic case of last-minute panic shopping allll weekend. The Tatter and Fray shop has been positively hopping for the last few weeks, and I've barely had a moment to spare!

Never fear, in a town with a thrift shop on every corner means that I can always manage to squeeze in a thrifting stop in between trips to the mall, World Market, TJ Maxx, Target, the mall.... I've assembled some of my more eclectic finds of late for your viewing pleasure today.

This children's chair is not really the type of thing I typically stock in the shop, but I just couldn't resist it. The colors are so vibrant and folk-arty and it had just the absolute PERFECT amount of scuffing and vintage character. I'm pretty sure I had one of these in yellow as a really little kid.

This cheery yellow and white enamelware kettle also caught my eye. It's in almost pristine condition and I love the 70s/80s vibe. It was made in Japan by Kamenstein and is dated 1979. 

I've loved these cobalt blue deco creamers by Hazel Atlas for-ev-er, but I hardly ever find them. I was pretty excited to spot this one sitting on a shelf at Goodwill. 

This little piece was one of those purchases that inspired the thrift store employees to exchange glances and treat me like I might be a little "off."  I maintain, though, that it would be a perfect little art piece for a neo-trad room. I love the octagonal shape, the olive green velvet matting, and the decorative gold loop at the top.

I was so excited about this next find that I can hardly talk about it.

That's right, my's a gimongous brass peacock floor statue!  It measures 28" tall. Couldn't you just die? Thank goodness the base is hollow so it's light enough to ship; when I first spotted it, I was afraid it would weigh 80 lbs or something. I'm going to list it in the shop soon - quite frankly, my postage-stamp living room is too petite for statuary - but for the moment I'm enjoying staring at it in all its glamazon glory.

Not quite as exciting as Mr. Peacock but still fun was this periwinkle blue vase. I totally thought it was a piece of American art pottery until I spotted the old "made in Japan" inscription on the bottom. I love the loopy handles and the ringed neck.

And finally...I mentioned the finds in this post were on the eclectic side, right?  Okay then...BEHOLD:

I spotted this book at GW and bought it for my brother as a Christmas gift...because who WOULDN'T want to display a 300 lb 1970s NFL player doing needlework on their coffee table??  

What I love most about it is that it's completely unironic; it seems that Mr. Grier really wanted men to do needlepoint in the most heartfelt way.

I quickly realized that this book typically sells for $50 - $120, so I decided I'm keeping it and listing it in the shop. My brother doesn't need it that badly. :)  (Sorry, Andrew.)

I hope you all manage to fit in a little fun, a little merriment, and yes, a little thrifting in this last, hectic week before Christmas!  Here's one more shot of 70s goodness to carry us out:

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thrift Report: December Fun

I had so much fun thrifting this week! Lately, I've been super focused on buying things for the shop that I know will sell easily, in preparation for the busy holiday gift-shopping season. Although I always enjoy thrifting and I love everything I buy, sometimes I feel like I'm buying the same things over and over. This week, though, I found some really unusual, interesting stuff.

I spotted this piece on a "just arrived" cart at Goodwill for a few dollars. I thought it was dried flowers at first, and I picked it up because I thought the base was pretty. It was so perfect, though, I figured it was a new piece.
To my surprise, I quickly realized the "dried flowers" were metal, intricately gilded, jeweled, and enameled. The sticker on the bottom of the urn read "Jane Hutcheson for Gorham" and it was clearly vintage. I took a risk and purchased it

When I got home and researched the piece, I discovered that designer Jane Hutcheson designed this line of life-like enameled flowers for Gorham's "Fleurs des Si├Ęcles" giftware line in the 70s and 80s, and that the pieces are highly collectable today and quite valuable. Score!  In case you're interested, here's a lovely article on Jane Hutcheson's work.

I've admired these simple, cork-topped decanters in other shops for ages, so I was excited to find these. The corks need replacement - one is missing, and the other two are both crumbling and moldly - but I should be able to pick up some new ones at Michaels for a couple of dollars. The awesome typography makes me happy.

This pair of elegant brass flamingos was an antique store find; they were a great price, and they're really huge.

This vintage painting on canvas is so pretty in person -- and surprisingly elegant. The colors are very muted, the frame is gleaming brass and about an inch deep, and it includes the original certificate of authenticity, dated 1979. Best of all, it's compact - about the size of a piece of printer paper - which makes it perfect for a gallery wall, or easy to display just about anywhere. I love it. 

As regular readers know, I have a strict "no dinnerware" policy when buying for my shop - "strict" meaning I try really hard but violate it often. :)  Dinnerware doesn't sell that well for me, and it's really hard to pack and ship, so I try to steer clear. When I came across a bunch of Ken Edwards pieces at Goodwill this week, though, I had to take them home. They're so beautiful; they're really scarce in this area; and most of all, they were 49 cents each.

I just couldn't bear to let them end up chipped, broken, or tossed into a GW Outlet sale bin. I pretty much had no choice  but to bring them home, right? RIGHT?  (Sigh...)

And because I couldn't possibly go a whole week without finding some bookends, here's this week's set:

They're so chic, but in horrible condition. Each one is missing an ear, and they plaster is very chipped (as you can see.) Still, for a couple of dollars, I couldn't leave them behind. I plan to keep this set for myself, and "rehab" them with a nice coat of glossy spray enamel. Maybe ivory, or deep orange, or solid black. Any opinions?

Lastly, I was beside myself to find this set of mid-century Swedish candlesticks!  This is another item I've drooled over online, and almost purchased for myself more than once. It's hard to tell with the currently heavy coat of tarnish, but these are solid brass, and will be spending some quality time with a polishing cloth very soon. I will probably sell them - I'm trying to be more disciplined about not keeping every other thing I buy for the shop - but I may shed a tear or two when I do.

Thanks for checking out my finds this week. I'm wishing all of you a fabulous week of thrifting, and I can't wait to check out what you find!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thrift Report: Thanksgiving Week

Happy Monday, friends! I had a bit of trouble rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn for work this morning after a leisurely week full of feasting, movies, shopping, and general about you?

I didn't do a ton of thrifting last week; I was more focused on the holiday, and then on Black Friday. (I admit it...I love a good bargain.)

I made a few thrifty scores on Black Friday morning, including a pair of leather gloves for $5, some favorite movies on DVD for $1.99 each, and a couple of inexpensive Christmas gifts.

On the vintage front, here are just a few things I picked up:

A couple of 1960s wall hangings. So Hollywood glam.

A pair of cast-iron fish bookends. I'm telling you, the bookends never stop.

A brass double wine chiller. This guy took about an hour of polishing to reach the "presentable" stage,
but i think it was worth it.

My mom actually picked up seven of these vintage poker themed glasses for me....

...along with this mod ice bucket. They look great together. Way to go, Mom!
That's it for me this week. How about you? Did you unearth any thrifty treasures this week? Are you a crazy Black Friday shopper (like moi?).

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thrift Report: Dali at Goodwill!

The title of this post doesn't actually apply to moi - let's face it: I'd be too busy screaming and drinking champagne to blog if I ever found something like a Dali etching at Goodwill, but still...did you see that story?!  Incredible. Deep down, all of us thrifters and vintage fiends have these kinds of fantasies...that we'll come across something incredibly valuable in our thrifting forays. It's true, right?

I didn't find anything even remotely close to a surrealist etching in my thrifting trips this week, but I still uncovered a few gems.

I thought this little golden hand-shaped ring holder was so cute. A great stocking stuffer.

Isn't the design of these glasses so awesomely retro?  I love the spiky black pattern. I'm having a hard time letting these go, although I need another set of glasses like I need a hole in the head.

I actually bought this next piece last year, after Christmas, at a thrift store sale:

It's a white ceramic Christmas tree with an interesting, textured glaze meant to represent snow on the branches. It's dated 1962 on the bottom. I was so excited when I remembered it and dug it out of storage this weekend!

A pretty set of Virginia Metalcrafters brass eagle trivets. They're marked 1952. (I love all this dated stuff I found this week...makes things so much easier!)

A black Otagiri lacquerware trinket box. These are great for their intended use on a vanity or dresser, but I LOVE them as glam desktop accessories in an office.

Another Christmas item:

A vintage glass tree topper in its original box. Not dated, but I would guess late 60s based on the style and the print on the box. My parents had one of these in green when I was a little kid!

Finally, I know I've been all about the ginger jars lately, but I just couldn't pass up this pair:

I thought they were just gorgeous with their bird motifs, gold-tipped lids, and black color schemes. Again--I totally want to keep them. Must. List. In. Shop. ASAP.

And there you have most of my finds from this week! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek. Have you thrifted any fabulous vintage treasures lately? 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Controversial

from the savant of home style herself
find something to talk about

I love this, and usually subscribe to it in my decorating. I'm pretty sure my new animal print rug, for example, is going to turn into a controversial element in my living room - at least among my family and friends. More often than not, though, it's my vintage finds that make people roll their eyes when they think I'm not looking. Those who aren't head over heels for all things old, as I am, sometimes just don't get that side of me. Do you have anything in your home that makes 'em talk? Any "controversial items?"

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

via Pinterest
I hope everyone uses their vote today -- it should be one of your prized possessions.
There was some last-minute redistricting in my neighborhood that caused chaos at our local polls today. It took me three hours to vote-- four polling places, two accusations of not being registered, and almost three hours of standing in line. It wasn't until someone told me that I couldn't vote that I truly realized how precious that right is to me.
Wishing all my American readers a smooth voting experience today. Make your voice count!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thrift Report: Mirror, Mirror...

It was a cold, blustery weekend here in Indy, packed with lots of errands and endless hours of RAKING! I'm pretty sure the enormous tree in my backyard has decided to shed all its leaves in a 48 hour period...sigh.

Fear not, though: I still managed to fit in a bit of thrifting! 

I found this little Federal style mirror...

It's a Syroco piece, which means it's probably late 60s era and made from hard plastic, but I think it's cute. I wish it were gilded, though. Should I try to gold leaf it? Hmmm...something to ponder!

I also picked up some swingin' 60s McCoy:

This starburst pattern was produced in 1968. I think it's kind of Christmasy.

Another mirror:

The glass is nicely aged, and the brass has a gorgeous patina and a rustic look. It's about the size of a book cover and has a hook on the back. It's clearly the mirror that you'd take to hang in your tent on safari to Africa in the 1920s.  Okay, I made that up. I confess; I always wanted to be the person who wrote the decriptions for the J. Peterman catalog.

Another vase...

This one is a Chinoiserie style cobalt blue, featuring two peacocks. You know how I love peacocks, right?  The perfect size to hold pencils, or knitting needles, or straws, or forks, or....

And finally, another mirror!

I looooove round vintage mirrors of all kinds, and I have another one almost identical to this one in my guest room. I can't decide whether to sell this one or keep it. I've never tried shipping a large mirror and it makes me a bit nervous. I got this for a steal at half-off day at Goodwill, and it's a true antique, though the mirror glass has been replaced at some point.

Those are my thrifted finds for this week!  How about you - any interesting scores?  I'm linking up with the following to check out everyone else's finds!

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