Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Television Lamp!

A while back, I blogged about my aunt and uncle's amazing house, and I mentioned my insane jealousy of admiration for my uncle's black panther TV lamp. One of my Thrift Score Monday commenters once said that she's convinced if she thinks hard enough about something she wants, she'll find it. Operating on this principal, I've been obsessing over TV lamps ever since. I've been researching them ( is a great resource!), stalking them on eBay, and generally keeping my eyes peeled. And guess what...last Friday, it paid off!

{Small tangent:  Fridays after work is my new favorite time to hit the thrift shops. They tend to be fully stocked in preparation for the weekend, but not yet picked over by those early bird vintage afficianados who apparently get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday (for God's sake!) and snag everything before I get there. Ahem.  End of tangent.}

After a post office drop last Friday, I stopped by one of my fave thrifts. And there it was, in the dish aisle, of all places:

From my vantagepoint, I couldn't tell for sure if it was a lamp at first. It just looked like an enormous white ceramic horse statue--which would have been awesome in and of itself--but I had a feeling. I turned it around...

SCORE!   The cord and socket were original...the socket is bakelite, I think....and they're in wonderful condition. As usual, I held my breath while I examined the piece for damage, and was thrilled to discover that it was in great shape. It was $20, which is more than I ever pay for anything at a thrift, but I didn't hesitate. This baby is now MINE.

I took it home and tried it out in about 14 different places in my house. It looks great everywhere, not that I'm biased or anything. I've decided to enjoy it for a while and then list it in the shop. This is my new policy, to keep myself from turning into a complete hoarder of vintage stuff. :) 

This isn't the rarest TV lamp in the world, though its amazing condition makes it a true find. But honestly, you couldn't have created a lamp more appealing to me. (Well...except maybe a black jaguar!)  I love white ceramic animal statues, especially horses. It's got a very mid-century meets Hollywood Regency vibe, which of course is my nirvana. 

I'm so excited to have found just what I was looking for, which so rarely happens in the world of thrifting and antiquing!  Did you find anything spectacular this week?  I'm linking up with some of my favorite blogs to find out!

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  1. Great lamp! Glad you found one. :)

  2. Really Nice!!!

  3. Isn't it wonderful when you find something you have been looking for? I really like your lamp. Congrats.♥

  4. I've never seen a lamp like this, but it sure is a beauty. x

  5. it's awesome when you find just what you wanted or needed! that's terrific! and how great that is works! thank you for linking up at cap creations. be sure to come back each friday to share your thrifty finds.

  6. Hi....just doing a search for the maker of a ceramic horse lamp that I found at a thrift store.....and I find your blog!! So sound like me. I found one like this two days ago...for $5!!!,horse-lamp-light,2276717.html

    They look similar...maybe same maker? Any idea who made these, as I find no marks.
    Google me...cloverspurranch

    1. Hi there! I think your lamp is a Phil-Mar piece. Here's some more info: It's really beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! x Heather

  7. We have one of these lamps, though we rarely used it and it recently broke. The light switch went bad and neither my wife or I can remember if the switch turned/rotated or was push button. (Yes, it has been that long since we last used it.) How does your light turn on and off?


    1. Hey, Art. Mine is a push-button switch. Good luck with yours! :)


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