Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Glassed In

Sorry this post is late again...the holiday rush is on!  The Etsy store is hopping, and my own tendency to procrastinate means that I've only just begun to make a dent in my Christmas shopping list. You know what, though? I love it. It's such a happy, festive time of year. Still...all this hubub has cut into my treasure hunting. Thankfully I have quite a bit of inventory stockpiled from all the summer flea marketing and estate saling, because I just haven't had much time to hit the thrift stores lately.

Of course I've still managed to find a few things here and there...I'm not dead.  One of my weaknesses is vintage glassware. In fact, one of the reasons I opened my Etsy shop is that I constantly find fabulous vintage glassware, but I already own more glasses than I'll ever use. Here are a few examples I've snagged recently:

I found this set of seven Libbey Glass tumblers in the 1950s "Cavalcade" pattern--one of my faves. These tall, thin glasses are so elegant; I believe they are Tom Collins glasses, but they'd work well for iced tea or almost any cocktail. They're in almost perfect shape--they're so pristine they look like reproductions! I love the gold and white horse pattern, which I find to be very Hollywood Regency and glamorous.

I was also excited to find this set of aqua and white glasses:

I'm not familiar with this pattern, but I love the intricate design, the cool aqua and white palette, and the delicate, kind of Asian-inspired pattern. This is a set of five, and they, too, are in great shape! They'd look fab with my jadeite collection; I'm sooo tempted to keep them!

Another find was this set of Libbey Glass in the classic 1960s "Silver Leaf" pattern:

This pattern came in both gold and silver, and it's relatively common in the world of vintage glassware. What makes this a great find, though, is the pitcher. I don't often see this petite cocktail pitcher, nor do I find these little footed cocktail glasses very frequently. I was sad that there were only three glasses, but I still thought the set was cute enough that I had to snap it up. What an adorable set for winter entertaining, n'est-ce pas?

Finally, I'm so in love with this set of four tumblers:

I adore everything about them...the geometric pattern, the green/blue/white/gold color scheme, the great 60s vibe, that style that crosses the boundaries of mid-century modern and Hollywood Regency. Right up my alley. They show more wear than the other glasses I've found recently -- you can see that quite a bit of the gold paint has worn away -- but I loved them too much to leave them behind.

I hope all of you are surviving, and managing to enjoy yourselves, as the holiday frenzy really gets going. As usual, I'm linking up with some of my favorite blogs to check out some other great finds:

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  1. oh, what great finds! love those funky blue and green ones!

  2. Love all the glasses! My parents had the tall ones but with a different pattern.

  3. Great glasses! The last ones are my fave. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations.

  4. I think my favorites are the first ones - I love looking at old "tumblers" - the patterns are so neat - if only we had room for all we see and like....

  5. I also have 7 of those Libbey Glass Cavalcade glasses. They are so "of their time". I love what you collect- we have a very similar aesthetic (is that the correct word?). Visit my blog to see some of my items!

    1. Thanks, JST. Will check out your blog right away! I sold those glasses before Christmas, and I miss them. Definitely a favorite find. :)

  6. Really All shapes are lovely and love able i cant which is the best because all are the beat and top i love it all

  7. Once again i am forced to visit and say i love it really so attracting and unmatchable shapes and colorful designs are you discussing


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