Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thrift Score Monday...on a Tuesday!

Sorry for the late Thrift Score post!  I got back a day late from a trip to visit family for Thanksgiving, and just didn't manage to get this posted in time.

Now that Thanksgiving is in the books, it's time for all things CHRISTMAS!!!!  Here are a few holiday-related finds I've picked up over the last few weeks:

First some adorable vintage ornaments in their original packaging!

I love the blue/green/gold tones of the glass balls and the retro font of the package. They appear to be circa the 1950s; I can't believe they survived without breaking all these years!

Next up, a HUGE and fabulous brass deer!

This guy is about 16 inches tall and over a foot wide!  He could be (and...yes...has been!) used as a barbell. He'd be an awesome decorative piece any time of year, but I think he'll make a particularly cool holiday decoration.

I also picked up this vintage holiday cookie jar for under a dollar:

Isn't it cute?  It's HUGE (1 gallon capacity), and so retro-cheery. I especially love the vintage font:

It looks like early 70s to me...what do you think?  And speaking of cool fonts, I also found this HOPE ornament:

The person I got it from told me that he's had it a very long time, yet I think it looks really modern and cool.

I also found a set of six green glass Dansk votive holders recently for less than three dollars. Even though these turn up often, I thought they were a great buy--until I realized they were full of melted wax that was seemingly impossible to remove due to their hourglass shape. More on that adventure later in the week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving. As usual, I'm linking up to some of my favorite blogs to see what treasures everyone else has unearthed!

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  1. You found some great finds. I also really like the blue/green/gold tones of the ornaments. don't think I have ever seen that before. The brass deer is adorable. Can't wait to see how you use it. Thanks for sharing over at Sunday's Best. Love your thrifty finds.

  2. LOVE Christmas ornaments, old ones that is :) alas this year I won't be putting too many out, we have Thunder cat who has managed to break some pretty big things this past few months...won't be taking any chances

  3. I have some ornaments just like those!! I love finding vintage Christmas things!! Great finds!

  4. Thanks for the comments, all! Laura: I have a bulldog mix who also likes to steal ornaments, so I don't go too crazy with the decorating, either, unfortunately.

  5. Oh my goodness I love vintage Christmas! I too plan on sharing some of my Christmas lovelies soon. The vintage ornaments get me everytime, love yours. We actually did our tree with them this year yay! Thank you for linking your great finds at Cap Creations. You will be featured there Friday.

  6. You always find the coolest things! Love all of it. Thanks so much for sharing =)

  7. Such awesome finds! Especially love the vintage ornaments...almost too cool to take out of the box! The cookie jar is really neat too.

  8. I like how you've called it retro-cheery, haha, sounds perfect.

    I've been on the hunt for some beautiful vintage ornaments, and posted about what I had today, but nothing quite as cool as yours!!

  9. Six Balloons: Yours are pretty cool too! I just checked them out! Brittany: Thanks for following! I was checking out your blog over the weekend--fabulous!

  10. Ha! Great finds. The hanging words look just like one I have that says Dream. Fyi, it was off a Bath & Beauty Works basket! I've had it for over 7years, so it's vintage enough...But I have always loved it.


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