Friday, November 18, 2011

My Current Obsession: Brass Desk Lamps

I know it's kind of weird to be inspired by decor from Woman's Day, but I was impressed with a spread they did on decorating a home office in the September 2011 issue.  Specifically, I though the brass desk lamps they featured in two examples were gorgeous.

{via Woman's Day}

Doesn't the gold tone of the brass look so fresh against the pink?

Like everyone else, I'm coming back around to brass in a big way. I think the absence of gold tones from my life for so long, in favor of stainless steel, chrome, and silver, left me craving something warmer and more (gasp!) traditional. It's been out of fashion for so long that brass now looks super fresh, new and exciting--even when mixed with cooler silver tones.

I actually own a lamp identical to the one in the second photo, except mine is stainless steel and wood. I wonder if I should spray paint it gold?  Any thoughts?  It could be fabulous...but I've had the lamp so long it's technically vintage now, and I'm a bit sentimental about it. Hmm.

I figured the lamp in the first photo was super high end--doesn't it look to be?  But I noticed in the article source list that it's from Bellacor and lists for only $138!  And then, while doing on online search for a similar lamp, I found its twin for sale via!

 Same price--$138--and probably the same exact lamp. Still, there's something thrilling to me about finding decor ideas in Woman's Day and realizing those ideas through all-American!

I love it when vintage inspires modern, and when the out-of-style cycles back around and looks fresh and new again. It keeps me on my toes, and keeps me entertained and inspired.



  1. I especially love the little gold bird cage in the second picture! I recently picked up an old brass lamp at a thrift store for myself, I love it, but it definitely is not as cool as either of these! And hey, go for the spray paint, but make sure to get a good one, sometimes the gold spray paints are awful and just turn out looking brown.

  2. Thanks Chelsea. I am still pondering the spray paint...I may do a test run on something else first, just to see if I like the look of it. Might look too fakey-fake. I love the bird cage too!


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