Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Cocktail, Anyone?

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Indianapolis: crisp and sunny. The leaves are starting to turn and fall is definitely in the air! It made me want to get outside and...well..treasure hunt. In keeping with my 1960s television trend, I found several cocktail sets worthy of the hit TV show "Mad Men."

First, this pristine silver ombre punch bowl with twelve (!) silver-rimmed roly poly glasses. These glasses were so named because, like weebles, their round bottoms make them hard to knock over.

To add to the vintage charm, the owner told me that she saved up to buy the set with "green stamps" in the 60s.  For anyone who doesn't know, green stamps were a customer loyalty promotion that grocery stores used to run. Customers could save up stamps and redeem them towards housewares and other goodies. Kind of an early version of CVS Extra Care Bucks or Coca Cola reward codes!

Next, I found this sweet little aqua Blendo cocktail set.

The edges of the glasses have lost most of their gold rims, but I thought the set was too charming to pass up, especially in my very favorite color.

Then, I realized it was half-off day at my local thrift store, so I picked up a couple of things on a quick visit. First, these cool mid-century Couroc highball glasses:

Aren't they chic?  I think drinking from them would make me feel like a beatnik character from a Jack Kerouac novel.

Finally, I also snagged this cute little Libbey glass cocktail set:

This set is once again very "Mad Men," but in miniature. The tiny roly poly style glasses don't hold much more than a shot glass, and the pitcher is tiny as well. Perfect for an apartment-sized wet bar!

I hope everyone else had as much fun treasure hunting as I did. I'm linking up with the following blogs to check out what others found this first beautiful weekend of fall!


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  1. That punch set it magnificent! What a great find!

  2. Thanks, BeckyKay. I agree! The owner had it all boxed up and wrapped in paper. I wonder if it was ever even used--it looks brand new! :)

  3. I remember my mom getting green stamps from the grocery store. I guess that dates me! I love all your cocktail finds.

  4. Great finds!

    I love both the aqua Blendo cocktail set & the mid-century Couroc highball glasses.

    Great taste, too!

  5. Amazing cocktail sets, it's great that you found all bar-themed items this weekend. I'm in love with the Couroc glasses (cats & Midcentury Modern are my vices) so do let me know if you ever decide to part with the set. :)

  6. What wonderful finds! The punch bowl is beautiful. Thank you for linking up over at Cap Creations. We will be featuring you sometime tomorrow for our next thrifty link up!

  7. Wonderful! Thanks, Cap Creations. I was excited to discover your blog!

  8. Oh my God! You hit the motherload! Love everything here. :)

  9. I remember green stamps; my grandmother used to collect them. I don't think she ever got anything as luxurious as that punch set. That is so cool! You had quite the beverage theme going. What super treasures you found.

  10. Wow, you und some awesome treasures! I would have bought all of these in a heartbeat too! Love, love, love the aqua frosted set! I will be featuring this post on this week's thrifty Things Friday party (post live on Thursday). I hope you will join the party again and stop by and grab your "I was featured" button for your blog!


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