Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Another Gold Rush

I had a great weekend of treasure hunting, and managed once again to strike "gold!"

A beautiful pair of brass trays with Greek key borders and etched Greek scenes. . .

Some lovely and festive gold-based cocktail glasses, which will be perfect for the holidays. . .

Remember these glasses I found a couple of weeks ago?  Well I was shocked to find the matching pitcher in a different, completely unaffiliated thrift store this weekend. Go figure. . .

And a trio of small brass camels! 

I was probably most excited about the camels. I was extremely fortunate that Anne Sage from the iconic blog The City Sage featured my Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago. One of the items she spotlighted was a large brass camel figurine...and it sold within minutes. Since then, I've received tons of emails from people asking about it. In the world of vintage, though, it's not as simple as dropping by your neighborhood super store and stocking up. I was, therefore, ecstatic when I spotted these three little guys buried behind some old frying pans in my local thrift. Needless to say, they'll be listed in the shop ASAP!

Finally, in the category of "off-theme but too cute not to share," was this find:

It's an old 1960s photo album -- the kind with pages that fold out to hold more photos -- in near perfect, unused condition. The cover sports the most modilicious floral satin in all my favorite hues. I love when vintage meets practical, don't you?!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off the check out what treasures others unearthed this weekend at the following blogs:

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  1. How great that you found the matching pitcher to your set of glasses. And I have to say, I am OH SO jealous of those gold-based cocktail glasses!

  2. Thanks, Nar Nar! :) I do wish I'd been able to find a sixth glass so I'd have a full set...I was CONVINCED it was in that thrift store somewhere, but I never did find it. *SIGH*

  3. I passed up a similar pitcher and glass set in my local thrift the other day. This was silver instead of gold. Wonder if it's still there....

  4. Talk about serendipity! I am convinced that if I think of something, I will find it one day... still looking for that obscure Rembrandt etching though...
    Great finds all around.

  5. MMM: I secretly kind of think that, too. ;) BeckyKay: Go back! go back!!! LOL

  6. Very neat finds. And how cool that you found the matching pitcher! That set is great! Thank you for sharing at Cap Creations, join us each Friday.

  7. Those cocktail glasses are lovely. They look a lot like Eva Zeisel to me!

  8. New follower, saw you at Coastal Charm, I also linked up thrifty finds! You did strike it rich, love the camels! Visit some time and hope to have you as a friend! I will check your Etsy shop.

  9. Ooh, Jane, I'll have to research the glasses a little more...thanks! :) Marilyn: Welcome! I'm off to check out your blog now.

  10. WOW i love those glasses and pitcher!!!

  11. Heather ~ These remind me so much of your cocktail glasses, this is what I was thinking about when I thought yours reminded me of Zeisel!

    The gold ones are really beautiful ~ it would be hard to say goodbye to them, I think!

  12. Jane, you're right...VERY similar! I love Eva Zeisel dinnerware and pottery, but I'm not very familiar with her glassware designs, so I never would have recognized the similarity on my own. THANK YOU! And yes...very hard to say goodbye to them. I listed them in my shop, but if they don't sell pretty quickly they may just become "permanent residents" in my household. :)

  13. I'm not very familiar with the glassware either and I find glass a little daunting as a whole - so few marks! It's hard work to accurately identify. I now have some "mystery" glassware that I think MAY be Eva Zeisel - more research needed!


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