Thursday, October 20, 2011

Octagon Style

When I was a kid, we had dishes with little faux stenciled ducks on them. My mom was an avid Country Living reader and decorated with things like rocking horses and old rustic spools made into candleholders. You remember the 80s, right? Rustic country and colonial was all the rage. Most of my friends' parents followed suit...everyone in my upper middle class suburban enclave had reproduction Early American dining room furniture and plaid upholstery.

I think everyone who grew up in 80s suburbia, however, remembers that one cool family in the neighborhood. At least one parent was European. They lived in the "contemporary" house and sat on low-slung La Roche Bobois leather sectionals. The dad mixed a martini every day after work. They were different and slightly mysterious. Your parents were a little uncomfortable when you went to slumber parties at their house. They introduced you to exotic 80s foods like kiwi fruit and quiche....and they ate these things on Arcoroc Octime dishes.

The Octime pattern was produced by Arcoroc France, and was discontinued years ago. The glossy, eight-sided black dishes were iconic in the 1980s for their chic, European flair. I think they remain as elegant and modern today as they were back then. Stylish and minimalist, they were also durable with their thick, opaque glass construction, and have a similar weight and feel as Fire King jadite.

I think these dishes would look amazing with anything from a retro 60s Eames-influenced dining room to a breakfast bar in a modern loft space. Good design is timeless, right?

{These black Octime mugs are currently available here!}

What I didn't discover about Octime until recently is that it also came in white! White is definitely more rare than black--at least nowadays--but it's equally chic. It's basically milk glass for modernists!  It has the same glossy glass surface and straight lines, but in a less mysterious hue. I found my first (and only) piece of white Octime recently...a huge and extremely rare serving bowl:

Hello, gorgeous!
I really really really want to keep this bowl, but for the sake of my business (and my waning cupboard space) I've decided to list it in the shop. Here are a few more views:

Seriously....if Crate and Barrel revived this pattern, they'd have an instant hit on their hands, don't you think?

We'll be listing several sets of Octime in the shop in the coming week: black dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls galore, plus this amazing white serving be sure to stop in!



  1. I remember picking up a whole set of these octagonal (black) dishes while in my tiny college apartment. Unfortunately, I donated them back to Goodwill when I graduated. Wish I had kept them - they really went with everything and made even modest college grub look quite gourmet ;-)

  2. Thanks, Nostalgic. I agree; the simplest meal seems more sophisticated served on these dishes! ;)

  3. I had a set of these for so long. I can't even remember if I gave them away. The box of them might still be in the basement!

  4. I have these Arcoroc dishes in clear glass: cereal bowls, luncheon plates and salad bowls. The dishwasher has scratched them to smithereens, and I am looking to replace them. I bought these as a newlywed and was married in 1987.

  5. I really want this salad bowl. I assume it is not chipped. Mine fell after being washed, drying on a towel, shattered into a zillion pieces!!!


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