Monday, October 31, 2011

Thrift Score Monday


I found an interesting assortment of pottery pieces this week. First, I grabbed this pretty milk pitcher at a local thrift store:
It's unmarked but in mint condition. It's the kind of thing I normally have no trouble identifying, but for some reason this one has me stumped. I don't think it's Fiesta, Harlequin, Riviera, Bauer, McCoy, Metlox, or Hall.  Anyone?  ANYONE?  I feel like it's obvious and that I'm just experiencing a mental block. In any case, I thought it was lovely.

I was also thrilled to find this Harlequin ball pitcher at the Goodwill on Saturday:

It's in great condition--so much so that I thought it was a reproduction at first--but after doing some research, I'm pretty certain it's an original Harlequin piece. It's unmarked and is the exact size and color of a Harlequin pitcher, plus it features the unique ring pattern around the bottom that was the Harlequin trademark. 

The pitcher does have a significant issue: there are some major glaze skips on the other side.

You can see them in this shot, towards the top. They don't bother me much, since it's a factory flaw rather than post-production damage, but it's definitely not a perfect piece. Nonetheless, I love that someone owned this pitcher and loved it and kept it in otherwise-perfect condition for years and years despite its flaws. Not something that would likely happen in our modern, disposable society!

OK, social commentary over. :)  Next up, I found two gorgeous pieces of Fiestaware for almost nothing at another thrift:

A mint condition cream and sugar set...
...and a matching set of salt and pepper shakers.
I love Fiestaware!  I use an old 1980s set of Fiesta that belonged to my mother for my everyday dishes. The dark cobalt color of these pieces are not part of my current set, so I'll probably sell them in the shop, but I love looking at them while I have them! 

All in all, it was a productive week of treasure hunting. I love all of these pieces -- did you notice that they all kind of go together? -- and I can't believe that they all managed to survive the thrift store jungle without any chips. A minor thrifting miracle. 

What did you find this week?  I'm linking with the following blogs to check out everyone else's discoveries!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Another Gold Rush

I had a great weekend of treasure hunting, and managed once again to strike "gold!"

A beautiful pair of brass trays with Greek key borders and etched Greek scenes. . .

Some lovely and festive gold-based cocktail glasses, which will be perfect for the holidays. . .

Remember these glasses I found a couple of weeks ago?  Well I was shocked to find the matching pitcher in a different, completely unaffiliated thrift store this weekend. Go figure. . .

And a trio of small brass camels! 

I was probably most excited about the camels. I was extremely fortunate that Anne Sage from the iconic blog The City Sage featured my Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago. One of the items she spotlighted was a large brass camel figurine...and it sold within minutes. Since then, I've received tons of emails from people asking about it. In the world of vintage, though, it's not as simple as dropping by your neighborhood super store and stocking up. I was, therefore, ecstatic when I spotted these three little guys buried behind some old frying pans in my local thrift. Needless to say, they'll be listed in the shop ASAP!

Finally, in the category of "off-theme but too cute not to share," was this find:

It's an old 1960s photo album -- the kind with pages that fold out to hold more photos -- in near perfect, unused condition. The cover sports the most modilicious floral satin in all my favorite hues. I love when vintage meets practical, don't you?!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off the check out what treasures others unearthed this weekend at the following blogs:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Octagon Style

When I was a kid, we had dishes with little faux stenciled ducks on them. My mom was an avid Country Living reader and decorated with things like rocking horses and old rustic spools made into candleholders. You remember the 80s, right? Rustic country and colonial was all the rage. Most of my friends' parents followed suit...everyone in my upper middle class suburban enclave had reproduction Early American dining room furniture and plaid upholstery.

I think everyone who grew up in 80s suburbia, however, remembers that one cool family in the neighborhood. At least one parent was European. They lived in the "contemporary" house and sat on low-slung La Roche Bobois leather sectionals. The dad mixed a martini every day after work. They were different and slightly mysterious. Your parents were a little uncomfortable when you went to slumber parties at their house. They introduced you to exotic 80s foods like kiwi fruit and quiche....and they ate these things on Arcoroc Octime dishes.

The Octime pattern was produced by Arcoroc France, and was discontinued years ago. The glossy, eight-sided black dishes were iconic in the 1980s for their chic, European flair. I think they remain as elegant and modern today as they were back then. Stylish and minimalist, they were also durable with their thick, opaque glass construction, and have a similar weight and feel as Fire King jadite.

I think these dishes would look amazing with anything from a retro 60s Eames-influenced dining room to a breakfast bar in a modern loft space. Good design is timeless, right?

{These black Octime mugs are currently available here!}

What I didn't discover about Octime until recently is that it also came in white! White is definitely more rare than black--at least nowadays--but it's equally chic. It's basically milk glass for modernists!  It has the same glossy glass surface and straight lines, but in a less mysterious hue. I found my first (and only) piece of white Octime recently...a huge and extremely rare serving bowl:

Hello, gorgeous!
I really really really want to keep this bowl, but for the sake of my business (and my waning cupboard space) I've decided to list it in the shop. Here are a few more views:

Seriously....if Crate and Barrel revived this pattern, they'd have an instant hit on their hands, don't you think?

We'll be listing several sets of Octime in the shop in the coming week: black dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls galore, plus this amazing white serving be sure to stop in!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Mugging for the Camera

The thrift stores have been kind to me lately. Two weeks ago, I walked into one of my favorite stores, sauntered over to the "just arrived" rack, and spotted a set of seven (7!) square Glasbake mugs in assorted colors.

I didn't have a cart handy, so it is possible that I threw my body across the mugs--to fend off imaginary Glasbake-loving thrifting competitors--and simultaneously stretched my right leg out to hook a basket with my toe. But I'm not confirming anything.  In any case, I love these mugs and only rarely spot a single one these days, so I was blown away to find seven in perfect, virtually unused condition. Definite score!

I really love milk glass and Pyrex mugs, people. They're so sturdy; so hard to break (though it can be done!).  They feel completely different from porcelain or clay in the hand.  Most of all, though, they transport me back to my grandmother's kitchen and give me a warm fuzzy feeling. That's why I will sometimes buy single mugs (when I don't find them in a fabulous set of SEVEN, as above), partly in hopes that I'll someday find their match, and partly because I can't bear to see them languish with the "regular" mugs in the thrift stores. 

I noticed recently that some of these orphan mugs I've acquired over time feature aqua designs. (I's shocking that *I* would gravitate towards aqua...)  It finally dawned on me that they make a pretty cool collection! 

I may try to sell them as a mismatched collection in my Etsy shop. I think they'd look awesome in a retro kitchen with an aqua color scheme!

Next up, a group of simple white Fire King D-handle mugs:

I've collected these over time, but have lucked out and found several really perfect ones in recent weeks. I think they're so pretty in a minimalist way and could blend perfectly with any decor, from cottage to streamlined modern. It's hard to believe they're no longer manufactured!

Well, that's it for the milk glass mugapolooza! I'm hoping everyone else made some fabulous secondhand scores this week, and I'm linking up with the following blogs to check them out!


Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Ivory and Gold

I spent a fun weekend at my parents' lake house, and of course managed to fit in a bit of thrifting!  I seem to be drawn to a more neutral palette lately, and ended up finding a conglomeration of ivory and gold items this weekend.

I was excited to find four dinner plates in the Royal China "Star Glow" pattern from the early 60s. I love the starburst design--there is nothing more retro than a good starburst!--and the simple, elegant cream and gold colors.

To go with them, I found five cool vintage tumblers with gold striped rims and a textured speckly frost around the bases, all in pristine condition:

What a pretty table setting these plates and glasses would make, especially for the holidays!

Surely you spotted the cute brass horse in the photos above; here he is up close:

He needs a good polish, but otherwise he's in great shape!  I have another, smaller brass horse figurine that I found a few months ago. I've been waiting to find a mate for him to sell as a pair in the shop.

Speaking of figurines, I was also excited to find this ivory colored owl made by Haeger Pottery:

We all know that I love a good owl, and this one is elegant in its simplicity.

In this shot, you can see a few more of my ivory and gold themed finds:  a small, perfect lotus bowl; a pretty solid brass tobacco leaf dish from the 1960s; and a cool milk glass apothecary jar from Belgium, in perfect condition and sporting its original, bulbous lid.  I was excited by all of these finds!

My favorite score by far, though, was this fabulous gold toned wooden peacock statue:

It's pretty large in size for one of these figurines, and it just SCREAMS Hollywood Regency glam. I love it and think it'll be hard to part with when the time comes to list it in the shop.

I hope everyone else had a successful week with lots of great finds!  I keep expecting my zeal for thrifting/flea marketing/estate saling to wane as the weather turns away from summer towards fall, but it hasn't happened so far!

Linking up with the following fun blogs to see what others have been up to:


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A quick shout out to Retro Chalet Blog for featuring our plastic fondue plates in her post today about vintage melmac grill plates and all their evolutions.

Check out the post HERE!  And if you love the plates as much as I do, they're available here in the shop!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: Cocktail, Anyone?

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Indianapolis: crisp and sunny. The leaves are starting to turn and fall is definitely in the air! It made me want to get outside and...well..treasure hunt. In keeping with my 1960s television trend, I found several cocktail sets worthy of the hit TV show "Mad Men."

First, this pristine silver ombre punch bowl with twelve (!) silver-rimmed roly poly glasses. These glasses were so named because, like weebles, their round bottoms make them hard to knock over.

To add to the vintage charm, the owner told me that she saved up to buy the set with "green stamps" in the 60s.  For anyone who doesn't know, green stamps were a customer loyalty promotion that grocery stores used to run. Customers could save up stamps and redeem them towards housewares and other goodies. Kind of an early version of CVS Extra Care Bucks or Coca Cola reward codes!

Next, I found this sweet little aqua Blendo cocktail set.

The edges of the glasses have lost most of their gold rims, but I thought the set was too charming to pass up, especially in my very favorite color.

Then, I realized it was half-off day at my local thrift store, so I picked up a couple of things on a quick visit. First, these cool mid-century Couroc highball glasses:

Aren't they chic?  I think drinking from them would make me feel like a beatnik character from a Jack Kerouac novel.

Finally, I also snagged this cute little Libbey glass cocktail set:

This set is once again very "Mad Men," but in miniature. The tiny roly poly style glasses don't hold much more than a shot glass, and the pitcher is tiny as well. Perfect for an apartment-sized wet bar!

I hope everyone else had as much fun treasure hunting as I did. I'm linking up with the following blogs to check out what others found this first beautiful weekend of fall!


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