Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Weighty Topic

Lately I've been a tad obsessed with blown glass paperweights. It all started about a year ago, when my boss gave me one as a gift. It's clear with sage green, very organic looking, and signed on the bottom by the artist. Naturally, I thought it was a silly gift. I didn't appreciate it. I wondered how long I'd have to keep it around before I could hide it away.

Slowly, I grew to understand how useful it could be. I had a stack of papers on a corner of my desk. I grabbed it without thinking to hold them. It did its job beautifully! More importantly, however, it was just lovely. The light would catch it at certain times of the day and make me appreciate that it was truly a piece of art glass. It added a touch of class to my desk. Useful AND beautiful...right up my alley.

Since then, I've discovered the world of vintage blown glass paperweights. There's a whole collecting niche devoted to them, and many were made right in my backyard, here in Indiana or next door in Ohio. I'm featuring a couple of gorgeous examples in the shop right now:

This yellow flowered one was made in Ohio in the 1980s.

The gorgeous red, white and blue example dates from the 1950s. The previous owner told me that his mother purchased it on a family trip to the House of Glass studios in Elwood, Indiana. This place is still run today by the same family, and it's only 45 minutes from my house. I think a visit might be in order!

I'd love to own one (or two) clear glass orbs. I think they have so much potential as decorative objects, beyond just holding down papers. There was a gorgeous vignette featured here in this month's TradHome.

Meanwhile, here's the grey-green paperweight that started my obsession:

Can you believe I didn't appreciate it at first?

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  1. I love your paperweights the light green flower one is lovely.


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