Friday, September 2, 2011


Fall is such a perfect time for dark, rich color palettes, cozy knits, and vivid patterns. Enter....chevron!  I've admired Missoni's iconic zig-zag and chevron knits since the 80s, so i could not be more excited to check out their affordable line for Target, debuting September 13. For the full "look book," visit the "Target Style" page on Facebook. Here are a couple of items I plan to stalk as soon as the line hits my local stores:

How chic and high-end do these bags look? I hope they're as lovely in person.

These cool serving trays would be so useful!

I need more mugs like a need a hole in the head, but these would really add something to a kitchen,
and I love that they come with their own display caddy!

So pretty. I wonder what the reverse side looks like, beyond that hint of aqua and white?

These might end up being my go-to shoes for fall!

What really draws me to chevron, I think, is that it's so fresh and modern while still being a classic pattern steeped in vintage tradition.  Seeing hardwood floors in the classic chevron or herringbone patterns transports me straight back to my childhood and my first visit to a Parisian apartment.

{Erin Featherstone's Paris apartment from the May 2010 Domino.}

This gorgeous tray from The Gilded Tassle has a similar look, and would never go out of style! 

 And for a more authentically vintage version of the Missoni blanket above, check out one of the many zig-zag knit blankets available from Etsy sellers. Here is a personal favorite, in subtle tones of brown, beige, and tan:

{from Etsy seller pinsandneedles}

I don't know if my renewed interest in chevron patterms is simply a phase brought about by the pre-Missoni-for-Target hoopla, or if it's just one of those classic patterns that I'll never truly get over. In any case, if you see me trolling the aisles of Target on September 13, give me a wave--but stay out of my way!

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  1. I'm loving chevron too! Forgot all about chevron wood floors, what a classy way to bring in a little pattern!


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