Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Don't get me wrong....big, expensive, gorgeous, significant things make me happy. A Jonathan Adler chandelier? Yum. A sofa from the Barbara Barry collection for Baker? Joy incarnate. But little things can make me just (well...almost) as happy!  Case in point:  I was visiting my parents recently when I noticed the cutest tissue box in their guest room. And I don't mean "tissue box" in the sense of a permanent, decorative accessory that covers the ugly cardboard tissue box from the store--I mean the cardboard one itself. It was the prettiest spring green shade covered in a faux-Imperial Trellis pattern. My mom informed me that she had purchased it at Meijer. (For you non-Midwesterners, Meijer is a discount chain akin to Walmart or Target.) 

Being me, I considered this a perfectly justifiable reason to drop everything and rush to Meijer, where I found these exact tissues not only in spring green, but also in burnt orange and teal!  Let's just say that I bought enough of all three colors to last me a FEW cold-and-flu seasons. They were even the store brand, so they cost next to nothing!  Here they are:

Aren't they pretty? For the first time in years, I stowed away my chic stainless steel tissue box cover and went with the naked cardboard box in both of my bathrooms--and my office! (I live on the edge.)

If you live in Meijer country, I suggest you pick some up before they're gone!


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