Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrift Score Monday

It was SUCH a busy weekend, and I spent a lot of it dodging thunderstorms and catching up on errands and housekeeping.  I did find time, though, for a quick thrift store run and a stop at an amazing estate sale. My favorite finds of the weekend were a couple of gorgeous lamps.

I love lamps--always have, always will. I would switch out my lamps every month if i could. I wish I had room to store a revolving "lamp wardrobe" so I could change them with the seasons, my outfit, my mood...

These two are absolute gems. The first one, a thrift store find, is a pristine condition mid-century modern treasure. It had a twin, but the second lamp had a large, poorly repaired crack in the base, so I left it behind. [Note: Is it odd that I avert my eyes whenever I pass the lamp, wracked by guilt for tearing it away from its sibling of 50+ years? That's normal, right?] It sports a white ribbed ceramic base and an elegant teak neck. I can't wait to see it with a modern barrel shade.

The second find is a glam Hollywood Regency style brass lamp. I love the bulbous shape, the retro-fabulous base, and the heaviness of the solid old brass. Although I love the patina, I will probably shine it up to bring it back to its full glam potential. Paired with a black shade, I think it'll be stunning. 

Although both lamps need a little work, I got them for a song. Let's just say that lunch cost me more. So exciting!

 I need to get them in shape and posted in the shop SOON! Otherwise, this whole "lamp wardrobe" idea might take hold, and that can only lead to bad things. . .

I'm linking up with Her Library Adventures, The Pennyworthy Project, and Southern Hospitality again this week to check out everyone else's thrifting scores!


  1. There lovely! I'm with you I hate separating things that go together!

    E :)

  2. Amazing finds. I like how heavy the base looks on the brass lamp...really nice.

  3. Thanks! And the lamp doesn't just have visual weight; it's SO heavy. 15 lbs at least. A lamp and a weapon all in one! ;)

  4. Haha @ a lamp and a weapon. It'll come in handy next your bed if you ever need it! I just love them. Great finds :). I'll come back to see what you did with them.

  5. Thanks, Kahli. Just checked out your blog, BTW. Love it!


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