Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrift Score Monday

I want to brighten up this sleepy Monday morning by once again sharing some of my great thrifted (and estate sale) finds from the weekend. It's hard to believe that it's almost back-to-school season, especially with the unmistakeably summery weather we're experiencing here, but as a university employee I can assure you that it's true! I guess it's apropos, then, that today's Thrift Share Monday post is featuring WORDS...specifically, vintage typography.

Every decade features its signature styles of graphic design, advertising logos, and fonts, but I think those from the 1970s and 80s were among the coolest. That's why I was super excited to spot these vintage soup mugs while thrifting over the weekend:

I just love the colors of the type on the "SOUP" mug, and was blown away by the super retro font of the "CHOWDER" mug. What a perfect set to display in a hip, colorful kitchen! 

Next, I found Helvetica Heaven at an estate sale. I snapped up not one but FOUR great-condition French jar glass canisters in Helvetica font. I've always love these jars and have rarely found four at once.

These pieces will be available in the shop by week's end, and I have a couple of other pieces featuring 70s/80s typography already listed:

Another French jar featuring red type

...and a cool "ETC" sign that I am soooo tempted to keep for my own office. I'd love to post it right above my overflowing inbox!

I hope everyone had a fun and fruitful thrifting/flea marketing/tag saling experience this weekend. I'm linking up with the following blogs to check out everyone else's great finds!

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