Monday, August 29, 2011

Thrift Score Monday: What a Hoot!

This weekend, it was all about owls. I love a good owl, but it was a bit strange to find three in one day!

First up, this guy:

He's a cute little mid-century vase made from heavy clay. I love his modern lines and slim profile, and he's in perfect condition! He has an interesting mark on the back:

I haven't been able to identify the maker yet; if anyone recognizes this mark, please let me know!

Next up, another vase, completely different but equally retro-modern:

He's the perfect size to hold pens and pencils on a desktop or makeup brushes on a vanity. I love his see-thru cut out eyes and nose!

These first two vases came from [completely unrelated] yard sales. Coincidence, huh?

On my last stop on Saturday afternoon, I spotted this pretty brass owl trivet at a favorite thrift store:

It was so completely covered in tarnish when I spotted it, I almost passed it by, thinking it was covered in some kind of faux paint. Luckily, I took a second look. He polished up really well when I got him home! This guy also has some pretty fantastic, retro styling. Such a stylish way to protect a countertop, or just to add a little vintage sparkle to the kitchen.

My grandmother collected owls when I was growing up--in fact, she still does. I used to make fun of her. Today, I completely understand the appeal! 

I'm linking up with the following blogs today to share my treasures and check out everyone else's finds!

Meet Virginia Design SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

{MANY THANKS to Southern Hospitality for once again featuring one of my finds--last week's mid-century flatware--in her weekly post!}


  1. Great owls! I hope you figure out the marking!

  2. Three owls at one time - lucky!!! Especially love the trivet!

  3. great, non-cheesy owls!

    i saw a bunch of owls this weekend too..but they were a bit over the edge.

  4. Love that second owl! The squareness totally makes him cool :-)

  5. I looove owls! These are seriously sure have an eye for great finds. I'm your newest follower...loving your blog!


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