Thursday, August 25, 2011

Secondhand Swoon

I'm loving all the great vintage furniture treasures on the Indy Craigslist today!

This gorgeous steel desk is fabulous and I've never seen one in this peacock blue color.

$250 is a great price for this piece, assuming you have a heavy duty truck to haul it home. . .

I'm also loving this super retro pair of mid-century end tables for only $25 each!

This cheery yellow coffee table is super cute, and could be used indoors or out. It would be easy to transform with some spray paint, but I actually love the current yellow.

Everyone knows that I love McCobb, and this desk certainly looks to be McCobb-inspired. A gorgeous find, and a great price at $150.

image 1

I just spotted this fantastic Herman Miller desk chair in a gorgeous turquoise! It's a bit pricey at $250, but these chairs last forever and are incredibly comfortable and high quality.

Finally, how about a cool vintage lab stool?  This seller is offering a set of SIX matching stools for only $150.

image 0

These stools would lend some retro-industrial charm to a loft space or around an island in a modern kitchen.

This is just a smattering of the secondhand treasures on Craigslist this week. Remember to turn to secondhand sources when you're looking for unique furniture at great prices. You can't buy this stuff in a store, folks!

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