Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Global Perspective

I love the use of globes in interior decorating...especially vintage ones. I got my first globe in 5th grade, when my family was moving to Canada. My father told me the name of the province where we would be living, and I raced to my bedroom to look it up on my globe. 

I don't know what became of that globe, but I do know that I found another one in a thrift store about ten years ago--a dented aqua beauty that graced my guest room/study in Bloomington, Indiana for several years. Eventually, when the guest room/study morphed into the guest room/study/workout room, I had to sacrifice the globe for reasons of space. While I had it, though, I always thought it added a bright, cheery pop of color and a pleasing international vibe to the room. I still kind of miss it.

I started thinking a lot about globes a few months ago, when my aunt posted some photos online of a project she had done at her church. For an event with an international theme, she had absconded with dozens of globes from my uncle's collection (he's kind of famous for it) and hung them from the ceiling of the event space and clustered them in groupings around the room.

{Photos courtesy of Jill Walbeck Kattau}

Cool, right? This project made me think about the possibilities of decorating with globes in the home. How fun would a similar treatment be in a child's bedroom?  Or, as PB Kids featured in their fall 2010 catalog, a child's playroom?

{PB Kids catalog photo via Our Humble Abode}
 I can also see a business--a cafe, a small bookstore--using this treatment to great effect. I think it would be amazing to cover an entire ceiling, so all you could see were the globes. Might be an awesome way to cover one of those ugly styrofoam drop ceilings found in so many commercial spaces!

I've seen some very (VERY) high-end examples of globes suspended from the ceiling in clusters and lit from within. I wonder if there's a way to easily DIY such a thing? Could be amazing! 

Slightly off-theme but awesome nonetheless is this chalkboard globe from The Well Appointed House.

Anyone in the mood to splurge???

Secondhand globes are relatively easy to come by. I see them in thrift stores periodically, and I've spotted them at yard sales as well. New globes range tremendously in price (check out http://www.teacherstorehouse.com/ for a wide selection), though examples can be had for less than $40.  Vintage examples are also rising in price as they become more and more sought after for their imperfect, historical charm.  Etsy is a great source; in fact, we have one available right now in the Tatter and Fray shop!

{Availabe at Tatter and Fray on Etsy}
This globe, with its muted colors and interesting, retro base would be best suited to display at eye level to fully showcase it's pretty vintage charm.  I think it would look great in a study, an office, or a living room! It would also look fabulous displayed in a cluster with more traditional aqua or blue globes, to add some visual interest.

Anyone else have any interesting examples of "global" projects or ideas?

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