Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making an Entrance

The entryway of a house is so important to me. It sets the tone for what is to come, and it's a relatively small space that holds the potential for big impact. Plus, my tiny house doesn't really have one....my living room IS sort of a foyer....so I'm jealous of those who have the opportunity to make a grand first impression. Here are a few faves:

Foo dogs and a pretty palette at Palmer Weiss

Loving the floor and the European-style curtain over the door.
Found via Two Ellie.

Beachy deliciousness via the new Lonny

An old fave via YoungHouseLove (that mirror!).

So many graphic patterns that somehow all work.
Homes and Gardens, March 2009 (via Flickr)

Simple impact via Flickr. (Love the owl trio!)

A classic and glamourous vestibule from Domino.

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