Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Inspiration: Orange and Turquoise

I have a difficult relationship with color; I get sick of it quickly!  Consequently, I tend to keep my house fairly neutral and add color with pottery, artwork, bedding, pillows, and other accessories that can be easily changed. I also tend to gravitate towards cool colors, with orange being the one major exception. My love of orange may, in fact, come from the fact that it packs such a whallop in very small quantites, and thus doesn't overwhelm the cool tones in a room and my own sensibilities.

It's no wonder that I've been drawn to orange and turquoise combos lately. I didn't even realize it until I re-read my post about foyers and noticed that three of my inspiration photos feature this combination in some way. My den, which is ripe for a "spruce" and has ivory walls and neutral furniture, might be a prime spot for me to incorporate this dynamic duo in my own home. In the meantime, here are some shots from my inspiration file!

Raubach Photography via Birch + Bird 
House of Turquoise

Tobi Fairley Interior Design.
 Think about how dramatically this room would change
 if the orange accents were a different color...
Living Etc.via  recent post on Little Green Notebook

Another Tobi Fairley design via Traditional Home.
So calming yet cheerful.
Retro awesomeness at Apartment Therapy 

Welcome! Via Take the Side Street

Vintage and lovely at Apartment Therapy
Again via the fabulous House of Turquoise
...and finally, a dreamy inspiration shot via Bippity Boppity Boo

I love how you can warm up a room as much or as little as you'd like by adjusting the amount of orange--just like turning on a lamp. And of course, I adore that this combination is so modern, but with a bit of a retro twist!  I'm linking up with the handmade home's True Colors Party today. I can't wait to check out what color combinations are inspiring others in the blogosphere!

The Handmade Home


  1. um, LOVING this color combo idea! wonderful!!! I officially want more orange.

    -ashley @ the handmade home

  2. I'm smitten with this color combo as well and posted about it in my handmade home linky post as well! Great minds... Lovely inspiration photos!


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